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Yahoo! Mail Sign In

Has anyone else Recently, been experiencing Yahoo! Mail Sign In problems? I recently, find that after entering my ID and Password, instead of going to my Yahoo! Mail, I get a message, on the Sign In page, in Red letters, that my information does not match. Once in a while, I have no problem, and I get to my Yahoo! Mail with no problem, more often than not, Recently, I get this 'Red Letter' message. I can get to my AT&T Yahoo! Mail with no problem using my Samsung Galaxy S4 and TabA; so, it seems, using Android devices does not experience this phenomenon as does using Internet Explorer and Firefox; But, I can get my Yahoo! Mail also, with no problem using Thunderbird; so, the Android theory doesn't seem to valid, either. .. ??

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‎08-24-2016 6:02 PM

Re: Yahoo! Mail Sign In

Hello @MikeG0103,

There has been issues with out sign on page, please try the alternate url https://mail.yahoo.com, you can use your AT&T email address on the yahoo page.

AT&T Customer Care

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Re: Yahoo! Mail Sign In

Thank You, very, much, much, appreciated!

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Re: Yahoo! Mail Sign In

I have a problem similar to above.  I am retired AT&T.  I now only have Wireless but I still have several AT&T Email account/subaccounts.  Accessing the main email account today on our desktop suddently prompts an error message like the person above described.  But it works on our Iphone and Galaxy phones and the laptop.  Why would it suddenly work on only one device?


Which prompts other questions... it keeps sending me to an area where we can change the password, which we've done several times...but that seems to only apply to our existing wireless account. 


I can no longer find an area for the drop-downs or AT&T Yahoo mail or any way to possibly fix this.  Thoughts?


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Attempt to use new att email redirects to yahoo mail.

Browsing internet over new fiber is great. but..

I set up my email client as ATT and RIT Labs directed, on client "The Bat!"
Attempted receive demands password, even though already saved.
Attempted send gets "Connection to host broken..."
[Similar settings work on hotmail and gmail.]

Trying to access thru browser at att.net icon email goes IMEDIATELY
to a YAHOO LOGIN, which rejects the mail ID ATT assigned me.


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Email Sign-In

I am trying to recover a lost password by using the sign-in helper. When I put in my recovery email, I recieve an account key, but when I put it in all I can see is "The Yahoo account(s) listed above are connected to ----" but there are no accounts listed. I know this is the correct email and I am not sure if this is a glitch or what....

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Re: Email Sign-In

now all is ok with yahoo mail



Yahoo Mail

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Re: Email Sign-In

Not the right yahoo account

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Re: Email Sign-In

I cannot log into my email account, xxxxx@sbcglobal.net.  My password is no longer accepted, and the system cannot help me with a forgotten password.  It keeps sending me back to My AT&T, which does not help me in recovering my sbcglobal.net email account.  What can I do?????

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