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Yahoo Mail Password Reset


Yahoo Mail Password Reset

When I signed up for Uverse a number of months ago, AT&T merged my 15 year old yahoo email account with my At&t ID.  Problem is, the att.net email and yahoo.com email are not truly linked.  My yahoo mail log in password does not match up with my att.net mail password.  I tried setting a new password through the At&t account management site as instructed, but my yahoo password still has not changed.  Ack!  I have spend an hour of my work time trying to change a password on a basic yahoo email account and do not have another hour to waste sitting on the phone trying to contact At&t tech support.  HELP!!!

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Third try... Web Assistance with AT&T is the correct depa...

Third try... Web Assistance with AT&T is the correct department. Just keep attempting to be cheerful...i managed after 6+ hours to get access to my Yahoo email after having no access for a couple of years. I had gotten my SBC Global ID from one of the other support people and luckily we still had the same phone number so she could verify my account. I had NO idea of what my AT&T ID was as we had gotten rid of cable a couple of years ago. I had to have online chats, email conversations, and 5 hours on the phone with 6 different support people, bUT a real live department is Web Assistance and if you call 1-877-312-5550ext. 4 and ask for the Web Assistance department they can help you...
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Re: Third try... Web Assistance with AT&T is the correct depa...

I too spent many frustating hours last night trying to resolve the same issue.  The Web Assistance number mentioned in the previous reply 1-877-312-5550ext. 4 was the way

to go. 


I found out the problem was that I had two different AT&T log in user names.

I was using the user name associated with att.net /yahoo accounts without success but what I should have done was used the user name I had associated with sbcglobal.net which was an email i had with AT&T before I subscribed to Uverse.


After resettting the password for the correct sbcglobal.net user name I was able to log in to my yahoo email with the same password.


Thanks everyone for the helpful messages.

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Re: Miracles happen, and after several hours yesterday, getti...

I keep getting  Authentication is required but it does not accept my password, so how do I get around this Have not had update on email since Aug.26th


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Re: Miracles happen, and after several hours yesterday, getti...

Update:  I have now invested over 10 hours in this problem, including several hours on the phone with tech support.  As I mentioned in my previous post, the first ATT tech support person I talked with flatly denied that my Yahoo and ATT (sbcglobal.net) accounts could in any way have been merged.  Only after diagnosing the problem myself, and finding numerous posts on this forum did I conclude that the tech support person was plainly mistaken.  Subsequently, I talked with a different ATT tech support person, who eventually came to understand the problem. (This helpful person was on the Yahoo escalation team.)


Unfortunately, after hours on the phone, including time spent screen-sharing, ATT is still unable to solve this problem.  The only solution ATT can offer (and two different people have offered this "solution")  is to disconnect my DSL line and the 5 associated email accounts for my family, then reconnect my DSL (which might take several days), and start everything over from scratch - all new email accounts, etc.  Of course, there is no way I'm shutting down my family's email accounts for several days, so this isn't a feasible solution. 


My suggestion to any current ATT DSL customers: 1. If you have Yahoo email accounts, do not provide that information on any ATT account website.  The website gives NO INDICATION that doing so may cause the accounts to be merged.  2. If you have Yahoo email accounts and have already shared that information with ATT, DO NOT CREATE AN ACCESS ID, because that is what triggered the apparently irreversible merger of my accounts.  


At this point, ATT has GIVEN UP on trying to unmerge the accounts they merged.  (I don't for a minute believe that there isn't a way to fix this without "nuking" my ATT DSL and email accounts.) Forgot Yahoo Password


THE ONLY PRACTICAL SOLUTION FOR AN ATT DSL CUSTOMER WITH THIS PROBLEM.............IS TO BECOME A FORMER ATT DSL CUSTOMER.  (Then the merging problem can indeed be solved, as described multiple times in this forum.)


 ref: https://yahoopasswordssupport.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/42000013544-how-to-reset-yaho...

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Re: Miracles happen, and after several hours yesterday, getti...

the link you provided does not work.

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