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Why am I receiving thes "sponsered" email spam?


Why am I receiving thes "sponsered" email spam?

Why am I now receiving this "sponser" email SPAM? This is far from a free email service. Sticking these "sponsered" ads in our email is uncalled for.

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Receive email messages that say "SPONSORED" in the "VIEW" Col - new ATT Yahoo mail

New ATT Yahoo mail system: In my INBOX, I began to see since May 27, 2014, messages that show a (looks-like) shining $ (Dollar sign) in the "cubicle-selectable" lefmost col, and the word "SPONSORED" in the VIEW col. Is this a security matter? Never had that in any ATT mail system in my life!

If I get out of IE and re-enter - the message is gone. Refreshing the screen does not cure the problem. Have the most up-to-date McAfee in the world - virus protection is fine.

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Re: Receive email messages that say "SPONSORED" in the "VIEW" Col - new ATT Yaho

One solution / workaround.  Install Firefox and the AdBlock Plus extension.  No more ads in the Inbox or right panel.



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Re: Receive email messages that say "SPONSORED" in the "VIEW" Col - new ATT Yaho

anyone figure out how to remove this yet?  Its driving me bonkers!! i removed everysingle solitary one of the 160something other potential advertisements but alot of good that did me with the big black bar that looks like an unopened email at the top of my box.


Att hurting for money so badly they have to invade INSIDE someones email?  YEA RIGHT


ughg So much work to change emails but if i cant get rid of this - bet your derriere ill be calling comcast.  Ive been waiting for the nudge to change and with faster speeds, cheaper prices, and non corporate sanctioned spam in your email.... nows as good a time as any~!

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Re: Receive email messages that say "SPONSORED" in the "VIEW" Col - new ATT Yaho

download the ad blocker plugin for your browser.
It's not ATT "this time" It's something Yahoo foisted on them. ATT's only screwup was hosting on yahoo in the 1st place.


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Get rid of the advertisement on top of my inbox!!!

Its so annoying having that advert in the top spot of my inbox i keep clicking on it thinking its an email


I pay ALOT of money to AT&T i dont expect this kind of stuff that inteferes with my experience


This kind of crap is what you expect on free apps and products

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Re: Get rid of the advertisement on top of my inbox!!!

Recently, a friend reached out to me to help him with email problems.  As a technology consultant, I was surprised at the amount of SPAM my friend was receiving.  This friend is not very tech savvy.  So adding 1+1, it appears that the SBC migration to the Yahoo email interface was the main culprit to problem 1.


First:  He had every marketing ad enabled - something I am very confident that he did not manually or knowning enable.  So I turned this all of for him.


Second:  I see no reason that this user, that is paying for internet and email, should be marketed to the same was as free service customer (problem 2).


I'll take care of the SPAM issue but AT&T needs to either:

1) Provide an ad-free webmail interface.

2) Have Yahoo enable the premium Yahoo Mail Plus for AT&T paying customers:

3) Keep the ad-based email but stop invoicing my friend for internet and email services.


If AT&T fails to provide any of the above solutions, then my advice to my friend would be to move on to a service provider that values him as a customer enough they won't take advantage of him the way I feel AT&T has through Yahoo.


I was compelled to write this after seeing the brief comments by AT&T employees that have yet to respond to posts that show their solutions did not work, meanwhile I'm working on my friends problem.



1) I logged into the Yahoo interface using my free email account and the "Ad Free Mail" link appears like the AT&T rep said.

2) As I logged into the same interface using the paid account, the mentioned menu link DOES NOT APPEAR (as many posters have reported).  After logging out, when I attempt to log back in, I'm directed to a different AT&T login page.  When I login as account, I sill have same Yahoo interface with advertisements but with a blue AT&T menu bar at the very top.

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Re: Get rid of the advertisement on top of my inbox!!!

Good luck with that. You should stop holding your breath and just go ahead and move on. I use a mail client and don't deal with it

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Re: Get rid of the advertisement on top of my inbox!!!

I hear ya.  I'm just bartering some work and trying to give him some options.  It's easy for people to get used to and stuck on a service, not because it's the better but because they've been doing it for so long.  That is what I'm dealing with.


I myself use a domain hosted solution with both GUI client and Webmail interfaces - neither pushes advertisments.  And my web controls allow for some really great custom SPAM filters.  Yahoo's are very limited in contrast.


So we'll just have to see how it goes.


Thanks for your reply.

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I had no idea that Yahoo was reading my emails in order to tailor ads to me. Isn't that a privacy violation? I mean, Yahoo email is not an optional email for me. It is a third party email provider contracted by AT&T (at least this is what I am surmising) and served up to me with my internet connection.





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You can opt out of this, which will only get you non-targeted ads. It won't
stop the ads:

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two options..  only use your att/yahoo acount for nothing but att/yahoo based communication: and only e-mail you don't mind others reading..


two: go with another provider.


there is a service called who does not store or censor any search data.. they also have a free e-mail service that is partialy encripted and never scanned.


Just a sugestion.

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Re: Why am I receiving thes "sponsered" email spam?

A joke of a company that forces advertising in my INBOX! It's unscrupulous, deceptive, annoying, and terrible business practice! Unfortunately AdBlocker doesn't work to stop it. 

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