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What happened to the email composition editor?


What happened to the email composition editor?

When I press Backspace, I expect to delete the immediately preceeding character. The editor seems as likely to insert two blank lines. Other times I've seen Backspace delete all text after rather than the character before.


I just used the precaution of composing outside the Browser using Word, then did a copy & paste of Text D after Text C in the composition window. The paste worked, then the editor copied Text C and pasted it to appear a second time after Text D.


My latest quest is to update a To Do list. Parts 1, 2, 3, 3, 4. I've deleted the second instance of part 3 a half dozen times, it keeps coming back.


Guys? Get email fixed or bring back the old version.

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Re: What happened to the email composition editor?

Save draft just deleted two thirds of a previously saved long draft.


My guess is rather than simple html being used when there's a font or indentation change, the developers introducted a very complex html table. Groan. It would explain some of what I've experienced.

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