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Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

It appears my Yahoo email account has been hacked. When I went in to change the password, it told me I had to change it via my merged AT&T account. Well, I haven't had AT&T for a couple of years and never unmerged that account from Yahoo after I left, apparently. When I try to go in with my former AT&T account, I initially get in and it says:


"We're sorry, the AT&T sevice you are attempting to access is not available using the login information you provided.
To continue, please select the login button for one of the services below."


I then get sent to the initial login for the AT&T account manager, but I can't login because I haven't been with AT&T for at least a year to 2 years. I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to abandon my Yahoo account because I have too many things associated with it.


I'd appreciate any help you could give me.

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

Same thing happened to me.  I had AT&T DSL, with a account that was merged with my Yahoo! account.   I canceled my DSL, then 2 YEARS LATER I try to get into my Yahoo! account only to find it's still merged.  Took me a while to even figure out how to change my Yahoo.Com password.    In order to change your email account's password, you have to go through your ATT.COM account and change the password for your ATT.NET email account, which in turn changes your password.  Makes sense, huh?


Anyhow, after call ATT support (877-722-3755) they told me they couldn't help me since my ATT.Com account was closed (even though I could still log into the email).  They transferred me to their "YAHOO ESCALATION TEAM" which was supposed to be able to help me.  While being on hold for 15 minutes, I figured out on my own how to UNMERGE my accounts.



Heres a solution I was able to do that FINALLY:


CAUTION - Performing the UNMERGE will remove some of the premium features that a merged ATT.NET account brought, such as free POP3 access to your email (you'll have to pay for it with regular Yahoo!).


1) Log into using my credentials (go to - do not go to as this redirects to Yahoo!):

Login = (Not the Yahoo address)

Password = (should be same as your linked Yahoo! password)


2)Go to your profile.  I don't recall the exact steps, as I don't have access to my account after performing this step.  Look for a link that says "DELETE EMAIL".  This should be next to where your "" is displayed.  This will delete your ATT.NET email account.


3)Go to and log in using your "" login.  Yahoo! will now realize that you don't have an ATT.NET account to associate with your Yahoo! account, and will prompt you to "UNMERGE" your account.   Click the "UNMERGE" button.


There, you're back to normal, vanilla Yahoo! without the ATT.Net crap.  You can even change your password through yahoo now.


Good luck.

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

Please visit Unmerge your AT&T and Yahoo! email accounts for detailed information on ummerging your accounts!

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts



I tried your steps however it did not work for my account. Do you have any other ideas? I do not have a subaccount. I deleted my account twice now and still yahoo keeps thinking that my account is still active and merged.


Thank you

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

I had a similar problem -- long time DSL customer w/merged Yahoo ID, canceled DSL service and accounts wouldn't "unmerge".


I tried using recommended method above -- i.e. deleting email from AT&T profile; after doing this, logging into my Yahoo account brought be to the "Unmerge" page explaining what would happen to my free Yahoo ID after I clicked the "unmerge" button.  Great, right? BUT ... that kept giving me an error ("cannot process your request at this time"), I couldn't get past that "unmerge" page,  and I was locked out of my email!  Couldn't get my email anywhere (phone, computer, etc.). Aaargh!


After 1.5 hours of frustrating convo with AT&T "tech help" (including "Tier 2" tech support), being told "we can't help", "not our problem", "so you want to change your password?", I sent a private message to one of the Community Managers (ATTAlexCM) on these forums ( ... supposedly ATTAlexCM had helped another user with a "stuck" unmerge.  This was last Friday (Oct 26), right before Hurricane Sandy was going to hit the East Coast.  I figured I didn't have a prayer of getting this resolved anytime soon.  Boy was I wrong! 


I got a PM from another AT&T Community Manager on Saturday morning telling me I had been referred to someone else and they would call me (Yeah, right! I was thinking).  They called me on Sunday night (twice!) in the middle of the hurricane -- twice! (I guess AT&T tech support is in Texas).  Then I got a follow up call Monday and another call on Tuesday; on Tuesday I was told it should be resolved by Wednesday (10/31) -- and it was!  I got another call on Wednesday afternoon and was told Yahoo had "unstuck" the "unmerge", haha.  Lo and behold when I tried to log in again to Yahoo I got the same "Unmerge" page with the "Unmerge" button; this time it worked!  My Yahoo account had been freed!


Posting this for anyone having problem with "unmerging" going forward.  Don't let AT&T customer "support" tell you this "can't be done" or "this isn't our problem."  This is a *known* issue with a *known* fix -- AT&T knows who to contact at Yahoo to get this resolved.  You just have to find the right person to help you! 


Oh and a big SHOUT OUT and KUDOS and THANKS to those at AT&T that did help me -- thanks guys!

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

Ya know, I've wo-ndered for years why AT&T bought Yahoo in the first place. 


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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

I am having the same issue.  I cannot unmerge my accounts and there is no delete e-mail link next to my e-mail.  I need help with this!!  AT&T on the phone has not been able to provide any answers.

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Unmerge Yahoo / AT&T email

I am having the same problem that many people on these boards are having.  I am trying to unmerge my yahoo mail account from my old account.  I have had my yahoo account for many years before I signed up for SBC DSL service.  I have moved and cancelled my SBC DSL in 2008, but my accounts are still linked. I am now trying to unmerge them and am not having any luck.  The solution that everyone has given 

(,749,1001,902,102,8001~804&ct=&source=ema... does not work, because I do not have the "delete e-mail" option next to my address.  All I have is "check e-mail."  I have done the live chat with AT&T and was also on the phone last night for over an hour with two different customer service agents who were no help.   It should not be this difficult.  I just want the AT&T portion deleted as I no longer pay for or have DSL service.  


Someone please help!



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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

How did you send a private message?  I just tried to do that and I got an error saying The user ATTAlexCM does not have Private Messages enabled.


Or is there somewhere else I can post to try and get a response?


I have the same problem and have been bounced around 8+ times always being told this isn't our problem.

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

Just want to say that I finally got this resolved after many hours on the phone with tech support. They finally got me to what the level 2 support representative called the Front Door Group. Someone in that group deleted my email (which is completely fine with me) and that allowed them / Yahoo to unmerge my account. The next time I logged in it game me the option to unmerge.

This is possible if you can just get it into the right hands.
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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

When you get to "DELETE EMAIL" does it literally delete all your email? When I go back in to yahoo is my mail still there?

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

I cannot get my or user name. I can only login with my user id. When I select delete email after logging in with, will I lose all of my email? 

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

That ONLY works if your ATT account is still active.  I moved to an area that didn't offer ATT Uverse and it deactivated my login once I cancelled my account which I cannot do now!

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

Please help me!!  I deleted the email address off of my Yahoo profile but I never got a "do you want to unmerge?"  PLEASE HELP is there a link somewhere I can go to that will give me that option?

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

When I try to go to to login with my information I get this error message.


Your account is inactive. You will not be able to reset the password with your account in this status.

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

I am getting the same message for no reason. I was able to access my yahoo mail fine earlier today, and now I can do nothing. My e-mail was hacked a couple of days ago, and it was nearly impossible to change my password. I was finally successful last night after jumoing through many hoops. Like I said, it seemed to be okay until this afternoon. How am I suppose to reactivate my account?

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

How did you get to level 2 support?  Everytime I call they are useless and have no idea how to fix my problem. 

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts


does anyone know if, after the accounts have been unmerged, the user still has the same yahoo id/email address and if all their content, i.e. email messages, still reside on the yahoo email account? i think so, but please confirm. thanks.

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