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Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts


Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

It appears my Yahoo email account has been hacked. When I went in to change the password, it told me I had to change it via my merged AT&T account. Well, I haven't had AT&T for a couple of years and never unmerged that account from Yahoo after I left, apparently. When I try to go in with my former AT&T account, I initially get in and it says:


"We're sorry, the AT&T sevice you are attempting to access is not available using the login information you provided.
To continue, please select the login button for one of the services below."


I then get sent to the initial login for the AT&T account manager, but I can't login because I haven't been with AT&T for at least a year to 2 years. I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to abandon my Yahoo account because I have too many things associated with it.


I'd appreciate any help you could give me.

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Former Employee

Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

Hello teffertoes,
In order to get assistance for your free AT&T Yahoo! email account, it is recommended that you contact AT&T Mobility team at 800-331-0500 between Monday to Saturday from  7am-10pm ET. Only they will be able to help you.

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

This advice is no help.Smiley Sad



I am having the same problem,  when I called the wireless number, it took forever to get a person on the phone, when I got a person on the phone, she had NO idea how to help me. She then transfered me to DSL, and after several word prompts, I was disconnected by ATT (it was not my line).


Here are more details on the problem:


In early May my password was compromised and someone began emailing everyone on my account I have tried literally dozens of times to change my password. Unlike Gmail, everything at yahoo is more complex and difficult to do. ATT has a convoluted partnership system, where I cannot change my password with yahoo, at https://edit.yahoo.com/forgotroot/ I have to go through ATT even though I have not had an internet account with ATT for over 4 years. I CANNOT change my password. The only email which is changed through ATT is an account that I have never had: ***@attworld.com.

With Firefox 3.5 browser, on the screen to change my password, https://edit.yahoo.com/config/eval_profile?intl=us&partner=sbc&.scrumb=OhCQmAiDnix I click "Change your password" and the screen jumps to the top. I cannot change my password.

With internet explorer, I click "Change your password" and I get this error screen: https://edit.yahoo.com/config/?.redir_from=REGISTRATION

Out of desperation I deleted all of my contacts, but this person from Brazil continues to email everyone on my list.

I attempted to change or view my birthday, as listed here: http://www.webdevelopersnotes.com/tips/yahoo/change-birthday-yahoo-account-profile.php but no surprise, yahoo's profile button is broken.


When I posted a similar question on yahoo answers:




it was deleted:





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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

I called that number and it is for AT&T Wireless only.

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

I've found you can unmerge as long as it's a subaccount... by deleting the subaccount. If it's your main one, you're sunk.


Seriously though, how can there be no way to change a password? That is BASIC WEB FUNCTIONALITY. No self-respecting online presence would lack it. 


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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

Same problem, Spam going out with my name, can't change password - tried several times - the secret question is not one I have an answer to, never chose it.  I wrote to ATT support and they said we don't deal with Yahoo.  That phone number is useless, was that an ATT employee who gave a mobile number to us for help?  No wonder.   

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

My wife and I have had SBCGlobal.net addresses for many years.  Recently, I have noticed that when my wife sends emails with that address and I hit "Reply", a new address appears in the TO: box that has her username misspelled with a Yahoo.com address.  As a result, my wife has noted that she doesn't get any responses to the emails that she sends out.  Does that mean that anyone replying to her emails that the messages are going to someone else or into cyberspace at the Yahoo.com address?  Does this mean that her email has been hacked?  Anyone else experienced this? 



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Former Employee

Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

We understand your concern and would be glad to assist you.
One of the reasons for the issue could be that an unknown e-mail address is saved in the "Reply to" field of her AT&T e-mail account.
Sign in to your wife's AT&T e-mail account using the web link att.yahoo.com/mail
Click Options in the upper-right corner of the page.

If you are using the All New Yahoo! Mail, click More Options in the menu that appears.

If using Yahoo! Mail Classic, click Mail Options.


Click on Accounts---->att.net Mail


A new window would come up with the options Sending Mail and Receiving Mail.

Please refer to the section "Sending Mail"

Click on the link that says " reply-to-address "


Please check if there is an unknown e-mail address mentioned in the Reply to box. If yes, remove the e-mail address, enter your wife's e-mail address.

Click on Save Changes.


Sign out and sign in again. Now,send a test mail from your wife's account to your account and click on Reply and check if the issue persists.



For further assistance, please contact e-Chat support from the web link provided below.


DSL Chat Support

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

I know this is an old post but I am having the same issue.  I stopped using AT&T almost 2 years ago.  Although my sbcglobal.net email still works, I never use it.  I want my yahoo email and id back, as I had it before AT&T and I use it everywhere.  I keep seeing the, you will get a prompt to unmerge when you disconnect the service or after 100 days it will be unmerged for you.  We that hasn't happened.  Any ideas anyone?

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Accepted by (Former Employee)
Accepted by ATTJulieCS
‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

Same thing happened to me.  I had AT&T DSL, with a usernam@att.net account that was merged with my Yahoo! account.   I canceled my DSL, then 2 YEARS LATER I try to get into my Yahoo! account only to find it's still merged.  Took me a while to even figure out how to change my Yahoo.Com password.    In order to change your Yahoo.com email account's password, you have to go through your ATT.COM account and change the password for your ATT.NET email account, which in turn changes your Yahoo.com password.  Makes sense, huh?


Anyhow, after call ATT support (877-722-3755) they told me they couldn't help me since my ATT.Com account was closed (even though I could still log into the email).  They transferred me to their "YAHOO ESCALATION TEAM" which was supposed to be able to help me.  While being on hold for 15 minutes, I figured out on my own how to UNMERGE my accounts.



Heres a solution I was able to do that FINALLY:


CAUTION - Performing the UNMERGE will remove some of the premium features that a merged ATT.NET account brought, such as free POP3 access to your email (you'll have to pay for it with regular Yahoo!).


1) Log into ATT.com using my ATT.net credentials (go to www.att.com - do not go to www.att.net as this redirects to Yahoo!):

Login = Usernam@att.net (Not the Yahoo address)

Password = (should be same as your linked Yahoo! password)


2)Go to your profile.  I don't recall the exact steps, as I don't have access to my ATT.com account after performing this step.  Look for a link that says "DELETE EMAIL".  This should be next to where your "username@att.net" is displayed.  This will delete your ATT.NET email account.


3)Go to Yahoo.com and log in using your "username@yahoo.com" login.  Yahoo! will now realize that you don't have an ATT.NET account to associate with your Yahoo! account, and will prompt you to "UNMERGE" your account.   Click the "UNMERGE" button.


There, you're back to normal, vanilla Yahoo! without the ATT.Net crap.  You can even change your password through yahoo now.


Good luck.

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

Deleting sub accounts worked!!  Thank you very much!!!!


I am really really disappointed that AT&T made this so difficult.

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

Thank you!!! This actually worked..... Ive been trying to deal with ATT a few times over the course of a couple months and was beyond frustrated with them!!!   Sorry happy to have found your help!!! Hope this stops someone from spamming my account.


I kills me that att cant just tell people this.... So glad I dont have any of there services anymore!!!!!


Thank you usafa92!!!!!!

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

No problem. Glad to be of help.
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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

Thank you for your help!!


Same thing happened to me except I used to have sbcglobal.net account.

The problem was I could not log in to att.com account as usafa92 suggested. I tried to contact Alex and another person gave me this phone number 877-312-5550.

After only (?) one transfer, tech guy helped me to log in att.com account (he made arrangement to do *****@sbcglobal.net as user ID and gave me temporal password). He told me he can't help to unmerge, but after being able to log in att.com account and follow usafe92's instruction, finally say goodbye to att (sbcglobal) net account!!


Hope it will help some others!!

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Re: Unmerging Yahoo & AT&T email accounts

that link to remove your account no longer seems to be there....at least not for a subaccount person. It shows me active and everything is there but the link to remove/discontinue the account!!!! I did get someone to help me with a link to change my password as someone had hacked it to and was sending spam... sounds like a common occurence with these linked accounts!!! Does't make me want to go to AT&T for service!
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