Unable to change password or Cancel freemail account SWBELL.NET


Unable to change password or Cancel freemail account SWBELL.NET

When I left ATT broadband my ATT/Yahoo email address dls_sr@swbell.net was converted to freemail. It has been compromised and has sent thousands of SPAM with a link that likely points to a virus.  I called ATT, I chatted, I went to the links provided and I get a message that the account is deactivated and will not allow me to login to the MyATT site to either change the password or cancel the account. Every rep I speak with sends me to the same link even though I tell them when I enter my userid and password it says I cannot access the account because it is deactivated or locked. I would like to stop sending spam to everyone I have ever sent an email with in the last twenty or so years. I have spent HOURS AND HOURS trying to get this resolved. and allI get is pointed to a link that does me no good. ATT's website and their automated phone system seem designed to NOT HELP. I guess the goal is for the user to leave in frustration. It's worked for me. I'm to the point I don't care. Keep using the account to send thousands of spam. I don't care. One thing I do know is hades will freeze over before I ever pay AT&T for any product or service again. Trying to get help from, att is like having your wisdom teeth out awake and with no novocaine. That last several times I called about various issues everyone acrts like they want to help you but then they dump you at a useless website or at a phone extension that disconnects you. So it's your choice let dls_sr@swbell.com keep sending virues and spam. I don't give a crap anymore. I HATE AT&T. you make Time warner seem almost tolerable and that's hard to do.

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Re: Unable to change password or Cancel freemail account SWBELL.NET

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     Hello and welcome to the forums. I have two links for you. The first is a Email troubleshoot after hacking link and the second is a way you can send an instant message to an ATTCustomercare agent. I hope one of the two choices will take care of your issue.


Possible Compromise to Email



If using the following link to send a Private Message to out ATTCustomer care team please include your full name, a working email address, telephone number and the best time in which you can be reached.


Private Message



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