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Transferring Earthlink account to AT&T


Transferring Earthlink account to AT&T

My husband has had Earthlink as his primary email service for over 20 years and has had with them (terrible service and we pay a monthly fee) and wants to cancel this service and move over to our already existing AT&T account.  He was also connected to Outlook 2010 which he will continue with AT&T. My question is how to notify all business clients and personal friends that he no longer is contracted with Earthlink. I know this can be a diffcult feat but hoping someone can help me through this transition.

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Re: Transferring Earthlink account to AT&T



     Hello and welcome to the forum. I would send out an email to all his friends and clients from the old email provider and include in the body his name, the old email address, the new email address and that he will no longer be using the old email address. I would then send the same information from the new email address and have them reply if message was received and his info was updated. You might want to keep the old address for a bit longer as well, a few months perhaps. Hope this helps.



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Re: Transferring Earthlink account to AT&T

James, thank you for your reply and solution I had a feeling that was the path to take but instructions are not always clear.  I will really do not want to pay another month to Earthlink but as long as we can resolve this e-mail disaster, I do not mind spending another 7.95 to a money hungry company! Will let you know how it turns out.  Again thank you

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