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Smtp traffic to Microsoft office 365 smtp server


Smtp traffic to Microsoft office 365 smtp server

[Subject edited for better exposure]On my 3rd call. Issue is very simple. I need my home internet connection to allow smtp traffic to Microsoft office 365 smtp server. Appears ATT is blocking port 25 traffic and possibly tripping up TLS start smtp configuration.


I called tech support. They connected me to some foriegn country. People clearly giving me run around. I finally asked for supervisor. THe supervisor at first sounded nice but told me she understood what was going on (i thought ... finally thank goodness ..) then she transfered me to the paid support line.

Really paid support for what .. this is something ATT needs to do from the ATT side. This is well documented via simple google search. ATT needs to allow port 25 traffic for third party smtp traffic. Clearly it is not appropriate to tranfsfer to paid supprt. Futher this supervisor did not mention that is what she was going to do.


Next the guy at paid support gave me the runaround. I explained things once again and it was a complete zoo. ATT clearly has structured this to take advantage of the uninformed.


Finally i was so frustrated with the waste of time that i hung up. I then called customer service to complain. They put me on hold and as of now i have been on hold for 54 minutes and 55 seconds .. nothing but stupid music. I have had time to rediscover this community formum. Figure out i have and old id that i had already setup for this forum. Reset the password .. and add this complaint.


At least it makes me feel better to add the complaint. I am about to give up and hang up.






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Re: Complaint: Bad Customer Service

Is the Office 365 SMTP server limited to port 25?  Most SMTP servers will accept outgoing mail on ports 25 AND 587.  If 587 works for you the port 25 problem goes away.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Complaint: Bad Customer Service

I solved the problem. I decided to try the ATT support chat session and got through straight away. I asked them to unblock port 25 and they did so. No bull and the guy on other side understood exactly what I was asking without having to explain. Once the unblock was in place  the configuration with Microsoft Office 365 came to life and i started receiving the emailalerts.


For the record, for this to work there is configuration on the Microsoft Office 365 hosted exchange side .. a connector has to be configured by source IP (ie the public IP of the RG) within the admin area of Office 365 to allow the traffic to be accepted by office 365 server. I had already peformed the Office 365 configuration BEFORE ever contacting ATT.


In response to your question, Office 365 will accept various types of smtp traffic including TLS encryption but the limiting factor in this scenario are devices I am using to send the smtp traffic. I need to use port 25 for some very basic network alert tools / devices. These devices send me email for power or temp events.The devices are not capable of sending SSL or TLS.


My main objective in posting this is to memorialize the flawed the ATT phone support and to highlight what seems to be a scam to hand basic issues of to the paid support group. This is a shameful practice on part of ATT.  I did not bite on it but hand to endure 2-3 hours of my time tied up on worthless phone calls, on hold, and numerous handoffs and re-verification of basic info.



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Re: Complaint: Bad Customer Service

I have major complaint and no one in that company listen to me.....lies, lies and more lies

are all I receive..................I am talking a line land phone here.   For three weeks I have been

handed one lie after another by people who hang up on you, who promise to get the issue

taken care of etc etc etc etc etc etc.   I am totally beside myself with this issue.   And talking

to people out of this country is disturbing as for the most part they are reading off of a script and have no idea what anything is all about.  All I have asked for is to have my phone line turned

on and I have set up 4-5-6 request and they all get cancelled from someone .....not me.  The

service is disgusting for a company that large.....there is NO customer service and even if

there were the wait time if not good..........45 to over an hour at one time on the phone, when

I had service was very bad........and then on top of that they disconnect the service entirely

even tho I still had service.......what is wrong with AT&T.   At one time I thought they were

very good..........even a customer of ours who works for them........told us the company has

gone down hill and customer service is a thing of the past.   AT&T is the only phone 

service company in our area so I have to choice but to be treated like a second class person and continue to call and for the to continue to lie to me.   Until I call every TV stations and

give them some real good advertising.......then maybe they will jump to it and give me some 

phone service.    

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Re: Complaint: Bad Customer Service

You might have to look hard to find it, but MOST areas have third party phone service providers than can give you service using ATT's phone lines and equipment.

The catch is, have to already have an ATT phone installation to use them, but they do exist.


No real point other than to say, it is not true that ATT is the ONLY phone service avaialbe in any areas.

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Re: Complaint: Bad Customer Service

OH, before I forget, @personnoserv, if you'd really like to try and get your issue addressed, send a private message to attcustomer care with your name, account, a descrition of your needs, a way to contact them, and send it using this link: 

For account specific help, please send a private message to ATTU-VerseCare

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You can expect a reply withing 2 days.

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Re: Complaint: Bad Customer Service

ATT is all crap. They just want our money and lie to us and never resolve anything. I just did a survey and a mgr called me of course she was standing up for the cust service person.

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Re: Complaint: Bad Customer Service

I agree 110% - I just made my monthly phone call to ATT because everyone I have talked to lies and makes unapproved changes to my account (including a so-called supervisor, Max).  As of today, I have spoken to about 5 or 6 "support" representatives over the past 4 months, and have spent a ridiculous amount of time on the phone having to explain my issue to every person I am transferred to!  Last month I asked to be transffered to a supervisor and the rep. put me back into the cue for the billing department.

I don't know what has happened to ATT, but I am on the verge of packing up and moving apartments where ATT is not the only available service.  Completely frustrated and fed-up with all of ATT!  They have turned into the most unreliable and poor excuse for a company!

The ONLY thing I am happy about is that I am not alone!


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Re: Complaint: Bad Customer Service

I hear ya. I switched from TWC cuz their customer Service sucked. I have to truly say AT&T's much worse, except the 1 Supv who called me back to give me a great deal. Well now I can't get them to honor what was said. Adjustment was requested Monday, and 5 days later I find out it was denied. How in the world did a 125.00 fee plus taxes turn in to 259 with tax?? And after talking to "John", his 'American" name I asked for a Supv. Well been on hold for 52 min now. Next up if they don't fix it is go back to TWC and the best part will be filing a complaint with the BBB. Researching how to do it now, while using AT&T internet. LOVE IT!! Funny how a phone company has such poor connection with their hold music and are closed on Sundays and after 7p during the week. Since it's now 735p I'm guessing i..d..i..o..t John has me in a Queue to nowhere. Freaking m.o.r.o.n.s!! L..M..A..O My original post was declined cuz I used a "bad word" "m.o.r.o.n" OH MY the new "bad word" is "L..M..A..O". GEEZ now i..d..i..o..t is also now allowed. Sensitive peeps they are with their poor customer service!

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Re: Complaint: Bad Customer Service

I'm tired of AT&T's lousy service. For the past month no matter where I'm at there is no service. We pay too much money each month for failed service. I depend on my phone for work and family that live away. We have been AT&T customers for the last 13 years but Sprint is looking pretty good right now.

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Re: Complaint: Bad Customer Service


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Re: Complaint: Bad Customer Service

I've called numerous time over the past 4 1/2 months about not receiving a bill cause At&t didn't put a unit #. The 1st gentleman I spoke with today Pat: PC320V PLEASE lists to conversation. Not professional!! Spoke with Missy/Supervisor MY1234 who told me that once I made a payment of the certain amount that my phone would be on....hours later it wasn't. I can go on & on but I would like to speak with someone in your corporate office. Called back 6x's. Spoke w/Young lady Brenda Senderson/BS5908 who hung up on me so I decided to call back. Got her again when I called back (Stated her name)& informed Her that she hung up on me. She then stated that the called dropped. Which then I informed her that my call would say called failed. She then stated that maybe on her end the called dropped & if she would of hung up that she would of clocked out🤔. After not getting assistance from her I asked to speak with her manager. She put me on hold for along time then came back on the line & transferred me somewhere. Where the recording said they were closed. I think that the way so many people are loosing it now adays or suffering from depression . AT&T needs to improve there customer service. What if one day they speak with someone who has been through a lot & life or suffers from depression & the way your agents talks to them pushes them over the edge. And they go out & harm others. At&t you need to monitor your agents. There are people who deals with customers & give execellent service. Then there are those who only does it for the pay.. Can someone please listen to the conversation with the gentleman Pat( he stated he couldn't give me his last name) & Brenda Senderson. Thanks
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Re: Complaint: Bad Customer Service

I was not given credit for my last payment on my last telephone bill so I contacted ATT at 877.*** I spoke to Benny and he provided no assistance and worse than that he was rude and provided very poor customer service. He argued with me and told me that I started it.  He then told me just a minute and I was on hold for more than 20 minutes so apparently he was teaching me a lesson. After 20 minutes he never rejoined our conversation so I hung up. In total I was on the phone with him for about 40 minutes and all he did was argue.


I then called 800-*** and spoke with Charinity and in two minutes or less she told me that I was credited with a payment and did not know why the previous month's payment showed unpaid on this month's bill.  She instructed me to just pay the amount for this month. She provided wonderful customer service, a perfect example.


A night and day difference in quality customer service. Thank you 


[Edited to comply with Guidelines]

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Re: Complaint: Bad Customer Service

STELLA *****

October 14, 2016.

Attention: CAB

California Public Utilities Commission

Consumer Affairs Branch


San Francisco, CA 94102

To whom it may concern:

Enclosed please find a copy of *****
and AT&T bill. I was forced to seek advocacy due to the lack of

response from AT&T when I contacted them numerous times. I have been a client of this phone company

since year 1999; however this time when I encountered a problem I am not able to resolve it as AT&T has no

address to send my complain and request to them. All letters I sent were not answered, even my *****
sent a letter to the address provided on the AT&T bill but we soon found out by making

several calls that this company has no address for customers to mail complains. When I called their poor

customer service results in verbal abuse on the part of the associates from AT&T who are not trained to assist,

on the contrary their purpose in mind is to sell more products.

I never had any problems as a customer as I have always paid my bill on time. However, recently I was victim

of a stolen phone which I reported accordingly but this phone disappeared, the insurance company charged

my account and I ended with a huge bill as shown enclosed which I am not able to pay because I have been

disabled for the last seven (7) years due to cancer and complications of the chemotherapy I received and

continue to receive when needed, in addition I had three surgeries and four biopsies.

I request that the charge in the amount of $674.20 be removed as this charge is due to fraudulent use of the

stolen phone by whoever ended up with after being stolen.

I tried to dispute this issue with AT&T with no success on my part. It seems at this point in my life as a senior

citizen and disabled I am suffering the discriminations which exist in our society against someone my age and

my medical condition. The associates from AT&T are either young fast talking, inpatient, rude and confronting

with no respect and usually these associates are located in the Phillipines or India or Mexico and have no

decision making power and no understanding of this culture, much less are willing to assist a disabled senior

citizen as myself; I had to hung up in many occasions due to my health being fragile.

Most people I have explained this situation to on an effort to obtain advise have mentioned my option to “cut

the service and go somewhere else”, however it is my intention to continue as customer of AT&T and this is

the reason for writing this letter to the commission. This issue needs to be resolved immediately due to the

fact that AT&T did not allow me to make the regular and customary monthly payment for my current bill

unless I pay the balance in full, therefore forcing damage to my credit record. This is unacceptable and I

request that the above mentioned amount I am being charged due to fraudulent activity be immediately

reversed, so that I can continue paying my regular monthly bills as AT&T customer.

This letter is sent by me via USPS, fax and email.

I expect a response within 10 days, however I can be reached ASAP at my cell number *****

email: *****

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Stella [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]


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Re: Complaint: Bad Customer Service

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