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Remove my name from outgoing emails


Remove my name from outgoing emails

My sub-account email reflects my full name and is followed by the email address when I send a new message or reply to an email received.


I have spoke with AT&T support techs and my name is still on the emails.  


These are the steps that have not worked:

   logged in to MyATT, Profile, Manage Sub-Account...also tried to edit my name under User Info - could not...the ATT tech edited that area and all it did was change my name as it appears when I enter the mailbox.


Hope someone can help me!


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Re: Remove my name from outgoing emails




Can you try the information below; let me know if this works please.




Log into account


More Options

Click Accounts, then choose the account that you want to change which will be listed under the bold Accounts.

You should then see your "from name,"change , then click save.

Sign out of email account, then sign back in.

It should work.


I just tried this and at first I did not sign out, and it failed. After signing out, then back in it used my new name.





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Re: Remove my name from outgoing emails

Sir ATT_James,

BRAVO!  Your simplified, easy to follow instructions are most appreciated.  Thank you for sharing your expertise and resolving my issue!


My humble curtsey to you,


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Re: Change my name on outgoing emails

Hi James - 


Hope you can help me (it is very nice of you to take the time).  My problem is that I have changed the name on my profile / account to ***.  If I check my profile, it comes up ***.  But every time I send an email, it still shows my old name.  I attempted to change it via your suggestion to trudylynn, but when I log into my account, there is no "options" choice.


Do you have any suggestions?


Thank you,

{Personal content removed for your safety}

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