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Receiving Someone Else's Email


Receiving Someone Else's Email

I have an email address and recently have been receiving a few emails addressed to someone with an email address - always the same address, but TOTALLY different address than mine, nothing even close to being identical. 


The emails appear to be legitimate ones, not from individuals. Some from Hotmail Calendar for their reminders. Some from Facebook suggesting they may know people that they might want to add as FB Friends and I think awhile back I even received one from Walgreen's about a prescription ready for refill.


How can I receive an email in my email? I have run, and do run weekly, antivirus & malware security scans and computer is clean, so don't think I've been hacked.  This started about 2 months ago, and have only received 5 or 6 emails - but they are always addressed to the same email address.


Any idea how this is happening?



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Re: Receiving Someone Else's Email



     Welcome to the forum, while I'm not sure how you are receiving these emails you could simply block them and mark it as spam. Also please follow the link below to verify that your account hasn't been compromised.


My AT&T email account may have been hacked, phished, or compromised




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Re: Receiving Someone Else's Email

My computer is free of malware and virus. I have blocked the "Facebook" address and "Outlook Calendar" address. When reading FULL HEADERS on the emails I receive, it appears to me that somehow the emails are being sent or forwarded to me from this person with an MSN email address. However, the "from" email address is that of Facebook and Outlook Calendars when I receive them - and the "to" email address when opening the email is to, but are coming into my sbcglobal email. I have to look carefully at all my mail to be sure it's not something with that person's name on it, so I don't click on a link that would cause me harm. I then also blocked the address and after that, I received an email for this person again, but from a company I've never heard of. I did a search for this person on Facebook, and they do have an account there. I do not have a Facebook account there with the email address that I'm receiving these from. Just from the information within these emails, it is my guess this person is not located in the USA. Is it possible to notify MSN about this person to get this stopped? If so, how? I don't receive a lot of mail like this, but need to be sure my email address hasn't been compromised. I recently had changed my password. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Receiving Someone Else's Email

I have reported to ATT that this person is not using the correct email they allowed me to get the person name and account number by sending me their private information and I have kept it and used it to find out if anyone knows who this person Janice [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.] who is using my email address.

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