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Question regarding email addresses - do they still exist?


Question regarding email addresses - do they still exist?



I am trying to contact someone in the US state of Georgia who has an email address. This is someone I had been planning on emailing since last year but am only getting round to doing it now.


I sent the email last Sunday.


I only discovered afterwards that AT&T bought out alltel earlier this year! I live in the UK so this was news to me.


I am concerned that the email address will no longer be active. I didn't receive a 'not delivered' email so it's possible the person has simply not replied yet, but I just wanted to check here if anyone knows the state of play regarding the status of email addresses.


Any help appreciated.





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‎07-21-2016 2:47 AM

Re: Question regarding email addresses - do they still exist?

Hello @Mockmaster,

The email address would not have changed. So provided that the person still uses that email address it should still be valid.

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Re: Question regarding email addresses - do they still exist?



Thanks very much for getting back to me and answering my query.


I guess the person just has not replied yet.




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