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Prodigy.net email account


Prodigy.net email account

I have a decade-old prodigy.net email account that was eventually adopted by AT&T and Yahoo!.  (It's an  ancient dial-up service!!!)  The reason I maintained the dial-up service is that I thought I needed it in order to access my prodigy.net emails.  Now I'm starting to wonder if I can cancel the AT&T dial-up service and still access my prodigy emails.  Is that possible?  Thanks in advance for any help.  (Note:  I access the internet via Comcast, so I don't really need AT&T internet.)

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Re: Prodigy.net email account

I hope you still need help with this. 


I have an old prodigy account that I pay for dialup service to keep that email address.  My card had expired and I needed to update that.  When I called the number listed in my email, it was ATT - like I would call about my home phone service.  Those people had no idea what prodigy was - even when speaking to their supervisor.


The lady told me that they lowered the price to keep only the email address to the $7.95.  HOWEVER, supposedly if you just want access to the emails, you set up a Yahoo account and then have it merged to the Yahoo account.  You will rely on Yahoo for tech support (good luck with that).  If you want your EXACT email address, you MUST pay the $7.95 per month.   I would definitely call before I did this for verification and see if there are any other steps you need to take.


Also, while I was on the phone with the dialup billing people at 2598, I asked for a tech support number for prodigy accounts.  That is also a straight number.  Whoever answers the phone can help you.


Now that my card is set with them, hopefully, I'll go another 3 years w/o the hassle of trying to call prodigy.  I hope this info helps you or anyone else who is trying to find out about prodigy.net accounts.


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Re: Prodigy.net email account

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Now it is back to hours and hours and hours of trying to find a number to talk to someone who knows anything about prodigy. 2598

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Re: Prodigy.net email account

Thank goodness I read your message before calling ATT - talk about a wild goose chase.  You are right... for $7.95 you can keep your prodigy email accounts but if you want to change things you have to call yahoo to help you.  That number is 1-866-410-2604.  The number for talking to the Prodigy billing folks is 1-866-722-3425.  I hope this helps the multitudes because it took me wayyyyyyy tooooooo long to finally find someone who knew what I was talking about.  You would think that Prodigy would have sent an email to all of their accounts to let them know about all their changes but no... instead it is far more lucrative to bill $22.95 to all of us for months, nay, years.... 

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Re: Prodigy.net email account

This is a repost from another topic title but the info was so hard to find I thought I would spread it around.


Apparent SUCCESS with canceling ATT dialup while keeping FREE @prodigy.net email address with SMS service.

1/28/13 dialed 866-435-3264 and got rep that knew about @prodigy.net email accounts - After 20+yrs Shocking!

I explained wanting to keep address but cancel dialup -> reply = no problem

In <5min dial up canceled at end of current bill cycle, email will continue indefinitely as is under ATT Free email account

Rep provided web site for more info on Free email service (www.support.att.com/freememberid)

Went there and all looks like it should work out fine.

Need to give it a few weeks to see if it really does work OK


Rep explained free email is provided by ATT through partnership with Yahoo so still a little complicated knowing where to go for what, but that has been the case for decades BUT I should get to keep @prodigy.net email for FREE.  Way better that $20/mo!  Good Luck to all those that follow.

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Re: Prodigy.net email account

I just received a message telling me "Your Classic version of prodigy Yahoo! Mail is closing.  You need to upgrade now."  I have a prodigy email endingin net - "....prodigy.net" and I do NOT want to change it, since I've had it for decades!  The email I received today or yesterday wants me to click on a link in a little red box that says "Upgrade prodigy Yahoo! Mail"   .


1.  Is this a legitimate link?

2.  Do I have to "upgrade"?

3.  If I do, will I lose my prodigy address, which I do not want to lose or change.


Please help.  Thank you.  hrtroubleshooter

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Re: Prodigy.net email account

Please visit https://forums.att.com/t5/Email-Internet-Security/Cancel-dial-up-service-and-keep-email-address-acti... for more information on keeping your email after cancelling service!

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