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Prodigy email


Prodigy email

I have an old prodigy.net email address that showed on a search of my name. I honestly don't remember ever having one. I have had an att email years ago. I'm trying to log into it but I can't even find a website to log in to this email account. I'd like to verify that this is my old email but refuse to spend money on a background check of myself. Can you help me?

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Re: Prodigy email

Good afternoon @Michelerobyn1!

Thank you so much for reaching out to AT&T Community and Forums! We understand what’s going on; we’re here to help!

We found an article with some information about your prodigy email. You can check it out here: Prodigy Net Email.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns! We’re just a few clicks away!

Beth, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Prodigy email

My prodigy.net email is shut down. 

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Re: Prodigy email

I am BEYOND FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY!!!  I have had my prodigy account since the mid 90's ... it has been "suspended" 5 times now since January 2019 (never any issues prior to this year!).  I have spent HOURS on the phone with ATT employees saying I need to change my password (NO! that isn't the issue), passing me from person to person ... this is UNREAL!!


When I finally get to the right person who knows how to fix the problem (5 times in 2 months) they tell me it's an easy fix, and fix it on their end to lift the "suspension" ... it is very sad that your customer service is so busy telling me I need to change my password instead of listening to what I am saying!!!  It is NOT a password issue ... one lovely young lady fixed it immediately and told me to call directly into the prodigy number (800-772-3140)  Unfortunately, this number dumps you into the automated system.  Another NOT so nice employee told me to dial the number (800-772-3140) directly and I won't end up in the system .... wrong!  This number prompts you to answer the same questions over and over and dumps you into the generic "we need to change your password" group of techs who refuse to listen.


Who do you contact to reactivate a FREE account that should never have been suspended - it is an issue on ATT's part... I know I have read that others have the exact same issue, so why can't ATT fix the problem?  Why can't a valid number be given to correct the problem?


Any help would be appreciated ... I have been on the phone for 3 hours so far today!!!

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