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Re: Network name (SSID) change


Network name (SSID) change

How do I change my network name
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‎12-14-2016 3:42 PM

Re: Network name (SSID) change

You have to go into your AT&T provided router/gateway and make a configuration change. How to do it depends on what specific manufacturer and model of equipment was provided.


Typically you would use a web browser and use the IP address to connect.

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Re: Network name (SSID) change

I changed my network name and it shows up on my phone but not my desktop. What should I do?
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Re: Network name (SSID) change

Which gateway? Single band 2.4 GHz 510, 5031, 3600, 3800, 3801, i38hg?

Or A dual band 599 or 5268?


If dual band, which network name did you change, the 2.4 or the 5?

Note not all wireless devices support dual band, especially older laptops, wireless printers and smart phones that are inexpensive. I have a $150 Motorola that only supports 2.4.


If you changed the 5G name but your laptop/PC does not support 5G wireless, the device cannot see the new network name. Try changing the name of the 2.4 band, does it see now?


*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Network name (SSID) change

I cannot login to my network with the new name and password on my desktop because my desktop cannot see the network. Right now I am on my home network and everytime I go to it gives me the setup info for my home network. If my desktop cannot see the other network (office network) how do I know which band I changed. How can I access the office network using my home network? Do I need to reinstall my office network and start from scratch.

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Re: Network name (SSID) change

Oh yeah I have a 510 at&t gateway
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Re: Network name (SSID) change

Okay, now you totally lost me. You have a "home network" and an "office network", so you have two routers or what are you talking about?


Refer to the image below and ignore the red 3 and 4:

1790_NVG510 WiFi Security.png

On the line labeled Network Name (SSID) is where you change your network name.


Or are you talking about changing your network name on your computer? If so, are you running Windows 10 on your laptop?


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Re: Network name (SSID) change

I have two networks and two routers. I changed the name of my office network along with the password. I have one desktop in my office and I used it to change my office network name. My desktop does not see the new name of the office network. My iPhone can log on to my office network but not my desktop. My office network does not show up in the available networks list but it does show up on the manage known networks in settings. I am using my home network to go online on my office desktop now but I want my office desktop to be connected to my office network which it doesn’t see.
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Re: Network name (SSID) change

Let me repeat back:

  1. You have a desktop PC ih your office that was used to change the SSID and associated password to your office network's WiFi
  2. iPhone can access new office SSID with no problems
  3. Your office desktop PC does not show the new office SSID in the available networks list but shows it the "manage known networks".

This has to be Windows 10. I'm just saying. 


Step One: To connect to your network, click the network icon in the system tray and select from one of the available networks. Then, make sure you de-select the Connect automatically option because you want to be able to flip back and forth between your two WiFi networks.


Step Two: Reload your office desktop PC. DO NOT merely shutdown, as that will not reload Windows completely. See if that resolves the issue your are experiencing. I am thinking this may allow you to see the missing SSID. Select new SSID and go back to step one.


Point is you should not be automatically connecting to both WiFi because if you do Windows may switch from one to the other as one signal becomes stronger than the other.


Please refer to the following:


Since you state that you can see both WiFi networks on this panel, you may want to go here and de-select Connect automatically from here.


And finally, make sure that your Office router and the other router are using different channels so the signals don't interfere with each other.




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