Need help with merged Yahoo email account, trying to changed password


Need help with merged Yahoo email account, trying to changed password

My yahoo email has been hacked and is spamming my contacts. I am unable to change the yahoo email password as its merged with att. Please help

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Can't log into sbcglobal account on computer

This problem occurred a month ago. I had to call customer service and I had to get a call back from a supervisor to fix the problem because the sbcglobal account is so old. Now my computer has logged me out and will not accept the password I know is correct.

I can still get emails on my phone.
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Trying to change my email password...

Hope someone can help as this is getting really frustrating...


I have 3 email accounts with the suffix.


I was successfully able to change the first account with a new password but I cannot do it on the second one. On the first one I was able to change correctly, I got a message saying I had a choice of a temporary password but I did not get that choice for the 2nd one, it asked for the answers to my security questions. Unfortunately, I cannot find that info and would like to just get a temporary password like I did for the first one. I've tried Chrome and Firefox but neither help in changing that password.


Luckily I can still sign on the second account to get my mail, just cannot change the password for that.


The last thing is I don't even see my 3rd email listed which is troubling, don't know what's going on with that.


All that happens is I have been spending the last hour or so going around in circle with Yahoo and Att mail so that's why I am writing this note,

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Re: Can't log into sbcglobal account on computer

Hi @Jwoo3030,


That is not good to read! Can you tell us, is your email address tied to an active AT&T account? If so, you can change your password at the homepage which will change your email password. 


Let us know!



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Re: Can't log into sbcglobal account on computer

I've used *** linked with a yahoo account *** for years. It is only lately that this problem has occurred.

*** is a separate account. When I try and change the password for the sbcglobal account it only changes the . Net account.

If I could link all three that would be great. I don't want to lose all my old emails


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I have a email address that keeps telling me I am suspended and to call customer service.  The problem is that I moved my service to uverse and have no amount due on both accounts.  I keep calling but no one seems to be able to help from several departments.  please help

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Forgot Yahoo/SBCGlobal email password! And account is locked!

Help! My Yahoo and SBC global email addresses are linked and I've forgotten the password. In attempting to reset it, I am not locked out. I cannot find any info about what to do or how to get help. Any guidance would be so appreciated. I am desperate! 

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Hacked sbcglobal e-mail account no way to get in

Hey guys, I'm dealing with a hacked sbcglobal account.  The issue at hand is that I no longer have any service with AT&T and was brushed off by the reps who didn't even want to suspend or delete an account altogether.

Is there any way to get access or permanently wipe out hack sbcglobal account since I don't remember my user id and can't do reset conventionally.




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Forgotten password / security question issue

I have forgotten my email password, as well as the answers to the security questions to reset my password. The website is not giving me the temporary password option. Tried to contact support via chat, but i have to login to chat with them and ofcoarse i cant remember my password. Can anyone help with who to get a hold of to access my email again?

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Reset Password on BELLSOUTH.NET email

Have had same email account for 20 years. After Yahoo hack I change PWD through several circular yahoo/att links/phone calls. Moving to different tool and the saved PWD is not working and neither is 'additional' security questions/answers. SO, Went through something y'day, BUT after two calls and transfers, phone support couldn't help. Suggestion any one? Biggest problem is this email address IS NOT attached to tel# or att service.
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Yahoo email login help

Forgot password. Can't log into yahoo email. Last loged in november 2016 and security never set up on account. Not an att customer.
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Contributor account no longer accepts password

I need help to solve a big problem I have.  We have our work emails on an account.  Starting yesterday we couldn't get the password to work.  Nothing changed on our end.  Account is now locked due to trying to reset password without the correct info.  It was set up so long ago we don't have the security questions (or they were changed by someone.)  Can I speak with someone to get this fixed?  We are desperate.

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Re: account no longer accepts password

I need help.  On the 20th my email stopped accepting my password and it was set up so long ago that I don't have the security info.  This is for my business and I'm dead in the water.  Why does no one at care?  Is this due to the Frontier merger?  Can someone help me?  I've called and without an account they won't talk to me.  My account is the email with

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