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Nearing the end of my rope here


Nearing the end of my rope here

I'm trying to change my mom's email password. She has a email. When I sign into, and then click the mail tab, it brings me to the inbox. I then use the dropdown near her name to go to the Yahoo member center. From here, I click "manage passwords and account security". This redirects me to an intercept page, with the text "We're sorry, the AT&T sevice you are attempting to access is not available using the login information you provided. To continue, please select the login button for one of the services below." I click on Login page for Internet & Home Phone, and log in to Phone & Internet with her ATT account information. This brings me to the Account Overview. One of the tabs up top is Messages & Email. From there, I can choose Check or Manage Your Email. This brings me back to the Yahoo page, prompting me to reenter her email password.  When I log in, I'm back at the email inbox.


That's a complete circle there. Either the page to change the password doesn't exist, or Yahoo can't redirect to it correctly. Can someone for the love of god please tell me how to do something as simple as changing an email password?

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Re: Nearing the end of my rope here

I went to at&t beside the search box and went to My Account, then loged into my account. Then went to manage password and account security in the Sing-In Security and loged into my account. Then went down to close to the bottom of the page to the change my passowrd. I would say you could  try it again. I just went throgh it, I hope this will help.

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Re: Nearing the end of my rope here

After I select "Manage passwords and account security", it brings me to an ATT page asking me to log in. I use my email login for that, and it brings me to a page asking me to "Please select your service". I select Residential: DSL/Dial/Email which brings me to the ATT page I spoke of before. The only option is to check or manage my email, which just brings me back to the Yahoo Inbox. There is no option to change my password. Could you post a screenshot of where you found the change my password form?
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Re: Nearing the end of my rope here

I see there wasn't any helpful information posted. Well, let me continue, because this problem still exists.


These are the instructions ATT gives for resetting your email password. It states that this will work for a email:

  • Visit the myAT&T login page.
  • Enter your full AT&T email address and current password for the email account that you wish to update, and select Log In.
  • Across the top of the page, hover your mouse over Profile and select Change Your Passwordin the menu that is displayed.
  • Scroll down to the section labeled Set Personal Password. Enter the Current Password and then enter and confirm the New Password.
  • Select Save Changes.

    I did that. It doesn't work. All that changes is my DSL/home phone myATT password. My email password remains the same.

    ATT, or anyone who knows, please tell me how to reset my password. Such a simple thing shouldn't be nearly this hard.
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Re: Nearing the end of my rope here

I finally got this done. What a nightmare.


I used the "Chat with ATT" option. The rep gave me a temporary password. I then went to, and when I logged in, was prompted to select a new password. My email password has finally been reset.


ATT, there doesn't appear to be a way to change your email password without having a rep reset it. This is unacceptable for such a basic email function. My recommendation? Separate Yahoo from your email service. That integration is causing this problem, plus many more from the looks of this forum.

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Re: Nearing the end of my rope here

I had this same problem, and found the same solution. I told them in every feedback box I could find that they need to fix this, that it's wrong for them to highjack the email change password routine to instead change the password on your AT&T account info access. I spoke with supervisors who had no inkling that this was happening. Apparently they just don't care. They'd rather you suffer with a hacked email account (that was my problem) than make it easy and convenient to change the password on said account.

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Re: Nearing the end of my rope here

Ah yes, reminds me of a time about 15 years ago when AT&T accused me of converting my account to a business account. I couldn't get it changed back to a personal account. I finally discontinued service. Eventually a manager called me and indicated that what I was telling them was the truth and others where also affected. I really wish that there was more of a culture where the front line people were impowered to escallate issues that impact the customer. It's more about metrics and how quickly can you get someone off the line and move on to the next issue.

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