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My emails to sbcglobal contacts not received


My emails to sbcglobal contacts not received

A previous poster wrote a description of exactly my problem. Here it is:


Sbcglobal.net email is blocking my incoming att.net email

I have a business client who uses sbcglobal.net email. I use att.net email. We need to be able to communicate in business via email. He is not receiving any of my emails, nor are they landing in his spam/junk folder or Bulk email. They are nowhere to be found in his sbcglobal.net email account. I do not receive any type of undeliverable or bounce back notice. Currently, we have to meet to exchange documents or information instead of being able to conduct necessary business via email. In this day and time, that is not acceptable. 

See below for important information to assist in troubleshooting this issue Please take the time to read the troubleshooting information before replying. Thank you! 

Troubleshooting Information 

- I can receive email from his sbcglobal.net, but he is not receiving any of mine from att.net nor are they in the spam/junk folder or bulk email. 

- The problem occurs whether I reply to his email or send a new email. 
- I do not receive any kind of a bounce back notice or failure to deliver when I send him emails or reply to one he has sent.

- When I send an email I have tried to cc myself  and it always goes through, except it never shows up in his sbcglobal.net email account.

- The problem occurs whether there is or is not an attachment in the email from my att.net to his sbcglobal.net email 


End of previous poster’s message.



My info-
- I have one gmail account. My husband can forward my emails to them with his gmail account. 

- I have the same problem both on my iPhone and my laptop.

- I do not send out bulk, mass, spam or any kind of marketing emails to anyone so there is absolutely no reason my IP address should be flagged or blocked. Nor is it on any blocked list.  

- This issue has been occurring since October 2018 After emailing to the same address for many years. 
- I do not have this issue with any other of my sbcglobal contacts or with any contacts at all.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in resolving this matter expediently. 

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Re: My emails to sbcglobal contacts not received

Hi Lilycoop,

It is never the intention of the AT&T Postmaster staff to block legitimate mail. Unfortunately, legitimate messages are sometimes blocked as a result of our antispam and antivirus measures. We would like to rectify these problems as soon as possible, but we need your help. Please check out our AT&T Postmaster Main website.

Thank you for reaching out to AT&T's Community and Forums Team.

Lafayette, AT&T Community Specialist

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