My child's account has been disabled


My child's account has been disabled

I approved this account before the deadline - and as of today I discovered that my daughter's account has been disabled.  I went into my subaccounts and re-enabled it, but I still cannot login?  Anyone else?  How can I expedite this and get it back or is it gone forever?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: My child's account has been disabled

I just "fixed" my child's account - and the solution was really silly - I was going nuts with the same problem, approved the ATT parental consent and the yahoo parental consent.  Then I noticed from the yahoo "manage subaccounts" area that there was no password for the affected subaccount - I created a new password and the account is now active

Now if only I could change the preferred browser language from Spanish to English..... -

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Re: My child's account has been disabled

at least you could get to your "manage subaccounts."  It won't take me anywhere when I hit that!  Glad YOUR problem is solved!


--still waiting...

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Re: My child's account has been disabled

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Adam42Kelly wrote:

I hope this helps.

This link worked for me.  I followed the directions and was skeptical about sending a message, but I did that yesterday.  I received no repsonse from them, but today I opened the original email reminder's link to give Parental permission thru ATT and signed onto ATT using my email and password and it went directly to my subaccounts like MAGIC!

I had discontinued SBC's DSL years ago, but have been using the free ATT accounts since then.  This worked.


Thank you Adam42Kelly!

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Re: My child's account has been disabled

You can change the language for your subaccounts by:


1. logging into your subaccount

2. click "My AT&T", then "Profile"

3. Go to "User Information", edit it

4. Change Espanol to Ingles

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