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McAfee issues


McAfee issues

On Sunday, I downloaded McAfee from ATT for my Dell lap top. First off, I can't get it to open up so I can set it all up, its running, but I do want some control. Also, my screen now randomly shuts off for no reason. Is anyone else having this weirdness? Can I remove it and reload without it going against the amount of computers we can use it on?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: McAfee issues



     Yes you will be able to uninstall and reinstall with no penalty, I have done it on numerous occasions. Good luck and I hope these glitches disappear.



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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: McAfee issues

Uninstall it and go to microsoft.com and download Microsoft Security Essentials.  It is much better than McAfee IMO and it runs quietly in the background without putting a drain on computer resources.  MSE is antivirus and malware protection software that is very effective and FREE. 

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McAfee update causing blue-screen crash

Thanksgiving week, I was notified that McAfee updated, and I needed to restart. I did, only to have my laptop crash ("blue screen of death"). After trying several times to restart in Safe Mode, then Safe Mode with networking, then Safe Mode again, I finally resigned myself to hitting a "restore" mark and going backward.


Fast forward two weeks. I'd been having no issues, but then I get the re-start message from McAfee again. Hoping the problem was fixed, I restarted, only to have my computer crash again. After a couple of hours of trying this-n-that, I once again went through the restore process. All was well, until now.


Today, I got the message again. And again, the computer crashed when I restarted. This time I went directly to the restore option.


Since this has been going on for a few weeks, I'm really surprised I don't see anyone else posting messages about this issue.


Here are my laptop stats...any advice from anyone?

Acer Aspire 7736Z-4809

Intel Pentium Dule-Core CPU T4300 @ 2.1 GHz, 800 MHz FSB

4 GB Ram

Windows 7 Home  Premium 64-Bit Service Pack 1

320 GB Hard Drive


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Re: McAfee update causing blue-screen crash

I've found that this problem has happened before, 2010. If plausible or possible you might want to try another Antiviral solution.

You can goto the McAfee Communities site. Links will open in new windows.




1) What is the McAfee version you have?


2) Can you remember what the error for the BSOD screen was?


Did windows display "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (d1)"?



Diving in to figure this mess out.


I searched for and found a link to a memory dump analyzer WhoCrashed


Read the page, and the FAQ.


Download the free version, under Crash Analysis Tools

Install it and read the EULA, guided instructions are provided.


If it tells you you need to enable crash dumps here's the procedure.


1) Opening the System Control Panel

     The short way: Press the Windows key and pause, you may need to hold down your Fn (alternate function) button.

     The long way: type Control Panel is the search box, press enter, find the one label System.


2) Find the Advanced Settings on the left side bar, you may have to enter your adiminstrator password.


3) Under the Startup and Recovery section, click the Settings button. You'll see under the System failure section Write an event to the system log, it should be checked. Under that leave the option named Automatic restart, toggling the box will give you a chance to read any message. Click the Write debugging information drop down menu, select Kernel memory dump as this usually will yield error and maybe driver information.


4) Click OK to save the new settings.


5) Print or write down the enabling crash dump instructions, if needed


6) You'll have to enable McAfee's updates go through that again, so that WhoCrashed may possibly find anything, which you must run in an Administrator enabled account to see any results. Back up anything important.


7) Copy and paste the analysis, post it here or send a private message.


Edit: added instruction.

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Re: McAfee update causing blue-screen crash

Thanks for your input. I am currently on business travel, but I'll be on vacation between Christmas and New Years. That's when I'll have time to go through the steps you've outlined.


In the meantime, I did uninstall McAfee and installed Microsoft's anti-viral checker, but when I re-booted, the computer crashed again! When I ran through the restore process, the MS program disappeared and the McAfee came back...as I was afraid it would.


I'll get back to you when I've been able to go through your steps.


Thanks again...

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Re: McAfee update causing blue-screen crash

OK, McAfee probably did not remove itself completely. I look forward to helping you. Have a good time.

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Re: McAfee update causing blue-screen crash

I think I got it. I downloaded the program you referenced and ran it immediately after the next crash. I got a message there were two probable issues, McAfee and my wireless driver. I then checked my Windows updates, and saw there was an update for the wireless driver that failed in install properly on my last auto-update. I created a restore point, then ran through the Windows updates one update at a time, rather than all at once.


After the updates were completed, I restarted the computer...successfully...no blue screen.


I then allowed the McAfee files to update, restarted the computer, and, NO BLUE SCREEN!


Summary...it was not McAfee, it was the wireless driver. It just happened that when McAfee updated, it caused some type of conflict which resulted in a crash.


Thanks so much for your advice on that program...you saved me from a factory restart, something I've done before, and did not look forward to doing again! :-)


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Re: McAfee update causing blue-screen crash

I heard that you should always try to find the manufacter drivers first and use Microsoft's as a last effort to get hardware to function. I'm happy you were easily able to find the solution. Hide those driver updates. Smiley Very Happy

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McAfee VshieldScanManager process is using 99.1% of CPU

Using AT&T Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee on Mac Book Pro and the VshieldScanManager process is using 99.1% of CPU and over-heating my Mac

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Re: McAfee VshieldScanManager process is using 99.1% of CPU


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