McAfee issues


McAfee issues

On Sunday, I downloaded McAfee from ATT for my Dell lap top. First off, I can't get it to open up so I can set it all up, its running, but I do want some control. Also, my screen now randomly shuts off for no reason. Is anyone else having this weirdness? Can I remove it and reload without it going against the amount of computers we can use it on?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: McAfee issues



     Yes you will be able to uninstall and reinstall with no penalty, I have done it on numerous occasions. Good luck and I hope these glitches disappear.



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Re: McAfee issues

Uninstall it and go to and download Microsoft Security Essentials.  It is much better than McAfee IMO and it runs quietly in the background without putting a drain on computer resources.  MSE is antivirus and malware protection software that is very effective and FREE. 

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