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Locked out of email / Account compromised?


Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

I am trying to help my MIL who is in her 80's and is not computer savvy - she got locked out of her account today for no reason we could figure out. Just boom, stopped working. I was on hold for over an hour but am home sick and was getting a headache from the horrid music.  She's been having so many problems with her email it is ridiculous - and unfortunately, she incorrectly set up her backup ways to get temporary password and didnt ever give security questions.  So now we are stuck, she can't get to her email, I can't get anyone to answer the phone.  Help?  

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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

I have had me email for over 5 years and my account was hacked and I ended up getting locked out. I have tried calling and chatting with att and they have not been helpful at all. I have also tried contacting the people that were suggested in the forums and have gotten nowhere. Who else can I contact? I have a uverse account with them and will cancel if this doesn't get fixed! For a telecommunicactions nobody can seem to tell me the same or correct answer!

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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

Hello, Gomez85!


Thanks for posting. It sounds like you're having similar issues to what the users above are experiencing. If you don't mind, please use the link provided in my response above to send us a private message with your contact information.


This is not the same customer care you may have worked with via chat or over the phone. This team is dedicated to handling escalations from the forums, and they will work very hard to find a solution.


Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!



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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

Marianna, I just logged in to AT&T Community Forums as kyrajohnson and sent an email.  My account locked me out yesterday and I have not been able to do anything with my job for two days.  I am a realtor and all of my contracts, files, messages, etc... were in my email account. I am DESPERATE to get my information back!  Please kelp me get my data back!



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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

Hi Mariana,


Please help!!! I just sent you a PM with info. I have been locked out of all of my yahoo mail accounts on all devices & PC since last night. I am becoming desperate & my business rides on me having access to my email. Password is not recognized & security question answers aren't recognized, but I know they are correct. I have them written in my planner & I have used them before...


Please help!


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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

Please respond quicly I need that info out of this email acct. This is truly affecting my business!
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My email to AT&T support has not been read and I am at risk of losing my job due to my email account being compromised. This problem seems to be something solely due to something AT&T and Yahoo are responsible for. I wonder how many people have really been affected. I would like a response please because this problem is affecting my business and my livelyhood. We trusted you guys to protect our data and that has failed so we need some answers quickly please.

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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

I also need help. I've been using this email for seven years and am completely unable to sign in or do anything. I can't pay my bills cause all of my accounts are connected to that email and whoever hacked it is capable of stealing my information.

I sent a message January 28 and it's still unread. I'm desperate for help. Please respond to my message!
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Re: myat&t login issues

I am also not able to log into my server to get my ATT mail using the same user name and password I've used for years. I first noticed it yesterday when I couldn't receive my email on my iphone. Then, I tried unsuccessfully to log in to my home computer and it still says that I cannot conncect to my server. I'm using IE and I have deleted my cookies. I've had this problem before and will spare you the details but the only thing that worked was changing the incoming/outgoing ports every time I wanted to send/receive mail. I even went as far as pay for ATT support (compliments of that was absolutely useless. In fact, they refunded the majority of my money. The only reason I didn't ask for all the money is that they "apparently" fixed a few other issues that were "related" to this issue.

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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

Hello. I desperately need help. My account is linked to Outlook. My password is saved in Outlook. Lately, I have been having issues sending emails. I have forgotten our password and of course, I do not know the 

answers to the security questions. This account was set up a long time ago!


A past employee also has our password. She is no longer with me but I feel that my account is being compromised. I am afraid that at any moment, she can log into my account and change the password. Then, it would erase it from Outlook and I would lose everything.

I need to get into my account and change the password so that this past employee cannot do it. 


PLEASE HELP. I have chatted with various represantives and they have not been much help. Someone told me to post in this forum. I am hoping someone can help. 


Thank you!

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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

what a pile of hooey.

I had a account that went to ATT/ Yahoo when merged.  When I moved and changed phone providers I also lost access. When attempting to log in I received error messages of "no such account"," incorrect user name". Trying to get support between ATT and Yahoo was a circular runaround of referrals and blame between the two. Repeated attempts to resolve the issue with technical and customer service staff was Kafkaesque in the main. No such account, account could not be found, account suspended were all message relayed at various times. The bottom line is neither company gave a GOSH-DARN. I always find this one to be the best: "one of our managers will be reaching out to you at the email address" as it throws one back into the circular voertex of blame.

A customer, even a former one, losing business because of the cavalier attitude of these two company is appalling. The problem is still not resolved and I know that people are still using the address for contact as I am sometimes CC from it on a synced account. Yep, and though synced , only a few leak trough.

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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

Same here and when I asked for a temp to be "sent" I thought they'd email it an it automatically answered "Your temp password is being sent via UPS" that was a week ago and have yet to get it.

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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

I've been locked out for over a week now, when I asked for a temp password it said "a temp password is being sent via UPS" I think it's a hack job and I can't get thru to speak to anyone either they put me on automated hold then when it connects to a live person they say "I am going to hang up on you if you don't respond, as if they've been on the line with me for some time, which has been about 1 second and then they hang up.

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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

The exact thing has happened to me too - including having my acocunt for 15+ years. We have been loyal att customers for 11+ years, but recently sold our house so are in transition at the moment. I now, no longer have access to my yahoo email account. I'm pretty sure it has to do with my yahoo account being merged with my address (which I really never wanted, but it was done anyway).


I sent a PM to the link on this thread. Please, please help me! 

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On Friday March 20th I recieved an email from att invalidating the passwords on my prime and sub email acccounts. I was able to reset the password on the prime account but have been locked out of the sub account. How do get this account unlocked and a temporary password? ATT transfers me to Frontier every time I call. This is not Frontiers doing or a problem that they can solve.

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