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Locked out of email / Account compromised?


Locked out of email / Account compromised?

I have been using the same Yahoo email address for many years, probably at least 15 years. Last night before I went to bed I was shocked when I tried to login and the account said that I was entering the wrong password. All of my devices (2 phones, 5 computers) etc. were locked out. Because I used to get my internet through ATT, somehow this yahoo account got linked to my ATT account (I still have the same ATT account because I have several cell phones in the family linked to it).


When I try to see why I cannot login, it keeps sending me to the ATT site where I get lost in loops of "help" that provide no solutions. I know the correct password. It is programmed into several devices. Who do I talk to so that I can fix this? I receive MANY emails daily that I need to deal with, not to mention 15 years of data that I have stored there in old emails. I keep trying to go throught the internet problem trees on, but they keep taking me to solutions that are not correct, and I never get to send an email to the help desk.


Thanks for any help you can provide


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Re: Locked out of yahoo email

Hello everyone,


There is no universal fix that can be applied to all of your accounts, but our team is successfully resolving individual cases. All of you that still need help, please send us a private message HERE, please include your full name, phone number, email address and the best time you can be reached. One of our amazing social media managers will contact you within 2 business days to help.




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My free email has been hacked and I cannot change my password or log in

Hello ,

I cannot access my email it won't accept my password and I cannot reset the password it wont accept my answers to the security questions. Is there anything I can do to access my account. Its my client email.  Please someone help me. Please Please Please.


Thank You




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Re: My free email has been hacked and I cannot change my password or log in

I have the same issues with my email account that I've had for over 2 years.  I sent a PM to customer support but have not heard back.  I have tried to change password option but it gives me a failure notice when I try even though I have answered my secret questions prior to trying to change the password.  I just wish ATT would let me know something.

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Locked out of my email

Sorry if this is posted inappropriately. I searched through old topics and couldn't find a solution that has been posted publicly.


The last time I used my email was on Sunday, October 13, 2013. Things worked perfectly fine, and I was able to go about with my business without a problem. I tried logging in several days later, only to receive an error message, that my ID or password was incorrect despite not changing either of them. When I went through the password changing process (in case I had changed it and forgotten), I received another error message, shown below:


"Your account is inactive. You will not be able to reset the password with your account in this status. If you are under 13 years of age, your parents need to re-approve your access to your email account and other AT&T online services. Your parents can Log In with their User ID (e.g., to give that approval.


This is quite strange as I have been using it consistently for over 12 years, and this is the first time I've ever received such a message. Again, the last time I had logged in was on Sunday, October 13th, so it is impossible my account would be inactive.


I hope someone can help me regain access to my account! Please and thank you in advance!

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Re: Locked out of my email

I'm in a unique situation, but have the same problem. I don't have an active AT&T account but an 18 year old Yahoo account that I was suddenly locked out of on evening of 10/15.


After a number of lengthy phone calls, I was told my Yahoo account was "merged" with an AT&T account I had 7 years ago. Now, Yahoo won't do anything because of "contractual obligations" and AT&T, which needs to unmerge the accounts, can't find any information that I ever existed in their system. 


The AT&T phone reps claim, because the deactivated AT&T account is 7 years old, that they can't do anything over the phone. They wanted me to contact an AT&T Online Chat agent. But I've found that even though there's a link on the AT&T website, the service doesn't actually exist. Every selection states they can't help on chat, but that we should call a phone rep instead.


I loathe having to call the phone reps back again, I've been on the phone for over 10 hours trying to resolve this catch-22 already. Does anyone really know what's going on??? 

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Re: Locked out of my email

My girlfriend is having exactly the same problem. Her sbcglobal account, which worked fine until a few weeks ago, has completely stopped functioning and seems to be disabled.

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Re: Locked out of sbc email

Hello-I am so relieved to see that I am not the only one with this issue. I was locked out of my sbcglobal account at around 330am on 10-15, and I am still unable to log back in. I have tried a private message to AT&T yesterday, but as yet have not heard back. I have had the account for over 10 years, have never had a problem-have not changed the password or account settings at all-and it is our primary email-so of course every vendor, financial relationship, etc has this email. We are pretty desperate to get it resolved-has AT&T been slowly helping the rest of you? Thank you! Karen
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AT&T Yahoo! services suspended

I tried to log in this morning to my domain email account, and recieved this message:



AT&T Yahoo! services suspended

You no longer have access to your AT&T Yahoo! account [me] because your AT&T Yahoo! Internet services have been suspended.


Please help!

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Re: AT&T Yahoo! services suspended

This is what I got from AT&T today, making it sound like we're all out of luck...I really hope this guy doesn't know what he's talking about. That would be pretty bad if AT&T just randomly deactivates email accounts.



I do apologize but were not able to reactivate any free email accounts. We don't have access to do so, if your unable to access the account, another one would have to be created. 

Thank You
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Re: AT&T Yahoo! services suspended

Just got off the phone with an AT&T representative that did assist in resetting my password. I now have access to my e-mail again and am changing a few choice bits of info on it.


Here's the lowdown for my particular situation:

My e-mail had stopped working. Not unusual for the external mail client, but extremely unusual that webmail and yahoo! group access were also barred. Any attempts to log in told me that my ID and/or password were incorrect/not found. Yahoo's website told me that it couldn't assist in password reset/etc since it was an account with AT&T. AT&T's website told me it was inactive, discovered only upon trying to forget the password in hopes that'd fix it. I check this account every day, so it certainly wasn't due to inactivity.


I've had this yahoo/sbcglobal account for ages. I merged it with AT&T DSL years ago in order to retain external e-mail client access to it. Recently we switched from AT&T DSL to AT&T U-Verse; it turns out that this problem is unrelated to that, since the account information did transition over on their end. This means I am an active subscriber rather than a free account holder. If your account is only in free status at this point, this information may not be of any help to you.


Apparently there was a wave of e-mail hacking, the result being that mid-October a ton of e-mail accounts were detected as compromised and automatically disabled; when I spoke with an AT&T rep they confirmed this is what happened to my account. I can't speak to why my account was hit this time and not in years past since I have not done anything differently with it, but it is what it is. Since my old account pointed to an equally old different contact e-mail that was closed years ago, I did not receive the automated message that this had happened. And since my old account was set up prior to all these novel security question safeguards, there was no way for me to simply prove to the AT&T website that I am the actual account holder and reset my password that way.


My merged account is registered as a sub-account; the main account was not compromised, thus I could look in at it through that and see that it was currently disabled. I switched it to enabled, but still could not actually access it because it wanted my password (which was reset upon detection of the initial compromise). All attempts to reset/forget the password directed me to a support article indicating the online path I should take had I any updated security information in place (I did not and thus couldn't) and a generic (and lengthy) list of phone numbers AT&T has posted on their website.


I considered, but did not attempt the option of unlinking AT&T from the yahoo account during this fiasco. Since you need to be able to actually log in to your yahoo account on yahoo's end in order to complete an unlinking process started with AT&T - which would mean you need a current password and an active account - that'd probably sink your account for good. If you still want to persue that path, read this (and make sure you read all the way to the end before deciding).


So how did this mess get fixed? I PMed one of the Community SupportATTCustomerCare representatives you see posting on this thread, had some enlightening back and forth discussion via messages over several days, and it was finally determined that this could be resolved by calling them directly at a specific number they provided. Since I am seen as a current subscriber and not a free account holder, they had the option available on their end to reset my password and give me the new temporary one.


What's the moral of my story?

Even if you've never had issues with being locked out of your merged yahoo/AT&T e-mail account before, make certain you update your profile to add in security Q&A and a current (and different from the given account) e-mail address for contact in case something happens to it. And if you're already stuck, PM one of the ATTCustomerCare reps via the link they offer.


Hope this helps someone.

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Re: AT&T Yahoo! services suspended

Hello, Anna-this is very helpful. I am still waiting on Nicole, an AT&T manager to PM me back-I hope they see our sbc account as not merely a free email, as I am a retired AT&T employee of almost 30 years, and we still have our DSL, landline and cell accounts through AT&T. Would have U-verse too, if they offered it here. I am happy to see there was actually an event that triggered all of the email accounts being for the life of me, I have not been able to understand what we could have possibly done the evening of the 14th. If I don't hear from Nicole in the next day or so, I will try PM ing one of the managers on this forum...I so need the account to be up and running, as it will take literally days and days to track all of the folks who have the sbc address over so many years. I worry already that I may be receiving notifications regarding health benefit enrollment, etc-will be tring to contact a lot of folks individually while I wait. Thank you again for the info-Karen
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Re: AT&T Yahoo! services suspended

Hello, I wanted to thank Nicole and Roy of ATT for sticking with me and resolving my email issues yesterday--I know this has been a real pain for all, and I so appreciate you all hanging in until we could finally solve the issue. Karen
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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

I have the same problem and have sent in a message.  It seems strange that it all happened the same day to our old DSL accounts.  I'm hoping you can resolve my issue and reset my password as I can supply my billing address for my old DSL account email.

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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

I just got locked out of my account.  Did you have any luck getting your back?


Thanks, Ed

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Re: Locked out of my email

Yours sounds like the same problem I'm having.  I was locked out of my account on 1-9-14 late in the day.  I am in a constant loop trying to get logged in.  Did you have any luck getting your problem worked out or getting your email account back?  I would really like to know if you did and how you did it.


Thank you,



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