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Locked out of email / Account compromised?


Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

I have been using the same email address for many, many years. Yesterday afternoon, sometime between 2:30 and 3 p.m. I was shocked when I tried to login and the account said that I was entering the wrong password. All of my devices (2 phones, 2 computers) etc. were locked out. Because I used to get my internet through ATT, I have kept the free ATT email. 


However, when I try to see why I cannot login, it keeps sending me to the ATT site where I get lost in loops of "help" that provide no solutions. I know the correct password. It is programmed into several devices. Who do I talk to so that I can fix this? I receive MANY emails daily that I need to deal with, not to mention years of data that I have stored there in old emails. I keep trying to go throught the internet problem trees on, but they keep taking me to solutions that are not correct, and I never get to send an email to the help desk. 


I believe I was hacked because I also can't seem to get the answers to my security questions correct. HELP!! Please...

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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

You are not alone and I hope/ think they are working on it. There were several of us. I had the exact situation. I am waiting on a call from someone. I will post when I get the call as to what has happened. You might try a pm to one of the AT&T folks who are on here. That is what I did and am awaiting a call
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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromise​d?

I desperately need help reactivating my account that suddenly become inactive yesterday with the same error code.  PLEASE HELP!  Feeling desperate and totally helpless.  Am seeking employment and waiting for responses on my email that is now not working.  People emailing me get the message "undeliverable".  NEED HELP ASAP!!!!!


PLEASE HELP, Christina


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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

So Emilia, with an E, called and sent my case to someone else who called within an hour and got me back up an going, both my main and my sub account.  He said there was some activity that an algorithim thought looked odd and so at 3:19 am I got zapped.  I wish help was easier to locate but once i found this forum and posted, that is what did the deed.  He also suggested I look at for tips which I did.  Most of them I already do anyway.


I did go and update my security questions too, which wasnt so easy to find cus I missed the opportuinity to do so when I updated my password.  When you update the password right below is where you update the security.


So if you have posted on here I think ATT will get you taken care of.  I am breathing a big sigh of relief that is for sure.

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Re: Locked out of yahoo email

I'm not sure what time my email service went down, but when I tried getting email on my iphone this evening it kept giving me an error that my user name or password was incorrect.  I knew there had to be something wrong as I just got my new phone this past Friday and have not changed any email settings.  I then tried logging on through my laptop and had the same problem,  I contacted Customer support and after an hour and a half and three different techs I was told that my account had been deactivated and that they could not do anything to "fix it".  The last tech told me that he contacted Yahoo, who had him fill out a "ticket" and then told me Yahoo would be contacting me, but he did not know when that would be.  Based on all the posts I see here, it seems like something is very wrong.

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Re: sbcglobal free email address - hacked and locked!

Hello, I was wondering if at&t was able to resolve this issue for you. I'm having the same problem and VERY worried. Thanks!

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Re: Locked out of yahoo email

Were you able to get this problem resolved? I'm in the same boat.
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Re: Suspended email account help

Without notification, my wife had her email account disabled ..


The error that the other server returned was:
554 delivery error: dd Sorry your message to cannot be delivered. This account has been disabled or discontinued [#102]. -


I too need an explanation as to why this occurred and need this account reinstated.

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Re: Locked out of yahoo email

Just a few days ago (10/13 or 10/14) this started up for me as well. Suddenly AT&T Yahoo! won't accept my password from my e-mail client.


I had initially thought this was just an e-mail server issue on their end that happens intermittently, but it has been several days with no change. More worrying, AT&T Yahoo! won't accept my password for logging in to webmail or to access the Yahoo! Group I am part of.


I have done nothing to change my password on my end, so it *should* still be working. I have held this account for many years.


I have not tried their online password reset path as I am concerned that hooks into an even older backup e-mail account that was long ago deactivated, but as it seems to be my only avenue I will attempt it after work this evening.

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My email was just recently marked as "inactive" despite me using it daily. When I try to recover the password, I get the following message:


Your account is inactive. You will not be able to reset the password with your account in this status.


I have an email ending in


Please help me re-activate my account!


Thank you,


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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromise​d?

Hi ChristinaCh,


We received your private message, and one of our managers will be reaching out to you shortly.




Jenn S.

AT&T Customer Care

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Re: Inactive

Did you ever get your problem resolved? MIne is doing the same thing. I really need to get in my email today.



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I am having trouble with my email address. 2-3 years ago, my primary email was hacked so I created a subaccount that I use.  I still have to use the primary address to access my ATT Uverse account.  However, I am unable to login to the subaccount where my email goes.  Worked a couple of days ago - not working now.  User ID and password have not changed in a couple of months.  Help me please.



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Re: Locked out of yahoo email

I just tried AT&T's reset password procedure, in case that was the problem. The response the form gives me is "Your account is inactive. You will not be able to reset the password with your account in this status."


Why is my account inactive? As I said, I've used this for years. I log in at least monthly and check my e-mail daily. I certainly did not ask them to deactivate it.


More importantly, how do I get this fixed?

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