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Locked out of email / Account compromised?


Locked out of email / Account compromised?

I have been using the same Yahoo email address for many years, probably at least 15 years. Last night before I went to bed I was shocked when I tried to login and the account said that I was entering the wrong password. All of my devices (2 phones, 5 computers) etc. were locked out. Because I used to get my internet through ATT, somehow this yahoo account got linked to my ATT account (I still have the same ATT account because I have several cell phones in the family linked to it).


When I try to see why I cannot login, it keeps sending me to the ATT site where I get lost in loops of "help" that provide no solutions. I know the correct password. It is programmed into several devices. Who do I talk to so that I can fix this? I receive MANY emails daily that I need to deal with, not to mention 15 years of data that I have stored there in old emails. I keep trying to go throught the internet problem trees on, but they keep taking me to solutions that are not correct, and I never get to send an email to the help desk.


Thanks for any help you can provide


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Re: Email Hacked

Hi Mariana, same thing has happend to me and to others as you can see from previous posts.  I have email I HAVE to get to and I have no way to get it or to reset my password as i cannot remember what i put...i guess my hobbies have changed Smiley HappySmiley Happy


Can you help.  I suspect something odd happened for sure as I got emails at 3 am and then by 6 or so I couldnt get any and was told my password was bad on my iphone , which is automatic and couldnt have been wrong.

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email password shut down overnight

Same as many others, I woke to find that my password was not good anymore and I cannot reset it , either becuase that is also not working or I have forgotten what I put long ago.  I know the passwords are correct , I have used them for years and they are automatic in my phone and Ipad.  Something happened for sure.  A mass hack or breakdown somewhere but we need help and quick   I would email everyone to tell them not to email me cus I am down but ..........Smiley HappySmiley HappySmiley Happy

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Re: free email

same here

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Re: sbcglobal free email address - hacked and locked!

me too, what to do?

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AT&T Yahoo! services suspended


My personal email account and subaccounts have been suspended and I am not sure why...although I am guessing our account may have been comprimised.  Can someone please provide the steps to restore our services.

Thank you,


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Re: possible compromised email

yeah, don't know if a hacker gained access to the server because I have checked all my computers for malware, viruses, trojans, and worms.  All came up clean and I keep my anti-virus up to date.

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Re: possible compromised email

actually my e-mail was working at 2pm cdt then when I left work at 3:30pm I couldn't access my account. So it must of happened between 2 and 3:30
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Re: possible compromised email

I got email at 3 am this morn but by 6 it wasnt working   makes me wonder if they are afraid there have been some security breeches on their end  and they are being pro active but not announcing it.  very frustrating

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Re: possible compromised email

I was looking for a press release warning of the possible breach.


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Re: possible compromised email

me too but i cant find anything except several posting on here that they have issues, but it took me a lot of looking to find this forum so  not everyong would do it or there may be more to come as people check their emails  Just hope someone gets back to us to help  One person on one of the threads wasnt so encouraging.

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Locked out of email / Account compromised?

After numerous attempts, AT&T locked it due to too many log in failures. My account would not allow me to log in using the same password I have for years. Called support and they say account is pending and if I will pay $15 they will look into. Really??? Please help.  Oh and I'm the main account holder and all my sub accounts can still access their e-mail. 


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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

HELP! I have been locked out and can't get back in. I never changed my information. Now I'm locked out of my account for 24 hours AGAIN as I tried ALL DAY yesterday to log back in! Nothing I am doing is working. PLeASE PLEASE PLEASE Help. Thank you. 

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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

More instances listed here of same thing in last day


This is likely an ATT issue.

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Former Employee

Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

Hello, alundy!


I just wanted to let you know that I have received your private message and will be responding shortly. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know!



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Re: Locked out of email / Account compromised?

Hi Alida!


We received your private message, and one of our managers will be reaching out to you at the email address listed in your profile here on the forums.




Jenn S.

AT&T Social Media Manager

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