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Locked out of email / Account compromised?


Locked out of email / Account compromised?

I have been using the same Yahoo email address for many years, probably at least 15 years. Last night before I went to bed I was shocked when I tried to login and the account said that I was entering the wrong password. All of my devices (2 phones, 5 computers) etc. were locked out. Because I used to get my internet through ATT, somehow this yahoo account got linked to my ATT account (I still have the same ATT account because I have several cell phones in the family linked to it).


When I try to see why I cannot login, it keeps sending me to the ATT site where I get lost in loops of "help" that provide no solutions. I know the correct password. It is programmed into several devices. Who do I talk to so that I can fix this? I receive MANY emails daily that I need to deal with, not to mention 15 years of data that I have stored there in old emails. I keep trying to go throught the internet problem trees on, but they keep taking me to solutions that are not correct, and I never get to send an email to the help desk.


Thanks for any help you can provide


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Re: sbcglobal free email address - hacked and locked!

Hi Alex;


I'm hoping you're the answer to this problem: sbcglobal free email address - hacked and locked!


I have an email address that was hacked today. I have access to the primary account - the hacked address is a sub account.  


Unfortunately (for me) this is a vital account in terms of the history and contacts it holds for my small business.  I have this account linked to an att unified messaging email account - which is for my ATT business phone number, and is where I access voice mails for that number.


I have not included any email addresses or phone numbers for obvious reasons - but please let me know what can be done. I just need the info and understand I will need a new address. I can't tell you what it would mean to me if I could just retrieve that info which I'm sure is sitting on a server somewhere. 


Thanks very much.

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Contributor free email

This morning my email failed to connect to the server, (I log on via yahoo) I waited, and the problem persisted indicating my login wasn't recognized.  Multiple devices had the same problem.  I called yahoo who directed me to Att.  Att redirected me  3 times, directed me to a web address that ran me in circles, when calling back I was disconnected 2 times.  


How do I get my sbcglobal email password reset? It's been my primary email for years and it seems no one has an answer.  



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Re: Locked out of yahoo email

I recently experienced a simlar problem.


I have had the same free YAHOO.COM email account for over 12 years, and at one point about 8 years ago it was merged as a subaccount under my friend and roommates account who used AT&T for internet access.  Though I have not lived with my friend for well over 6 years now, my email has remained as a subaccount under his main account (his email is an SBCGLOBAL.NET account) without any complications, except that about two years ago, I began to be unable to change my email password.  Now suddenly, my email has become inacessible, and I am unable to recover access.  


All of AT&T's help pages are useless for this situation.  And as I do not have access to my friend's main account, I do not have much recourse.  

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Re: Locked out of yahoo email

does anybody answer these posts? I have been locked out of account and can't login???? Is AT&T of any help? I too get sent around in circles for help on the AT&T site!!!!

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Re: Locked out of yahoo email

I too woke up this morning locked out of my account.  Supposedly we are on a 'free ATT' email account which has different features.  I've talked to a support person online who said he was sorry but could be of no help.  He did say that I could open a new ATT free account and have all my contact info imported from my old account but so far have not figured out how to do that.  If ATT wants me as a customer again, they sure have a funny way of gaining my loyalty.

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Email Hacked

I think my email has been hacked and my password was changed. I need to changed my password but can't remember the answers to the security questions. What can I do?

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Former Employee

Re: Email Hacked

Hey, calandry!


I just wanted to let you know I received your private message and will be responding shortly!



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Re: Locked out of yahoo email

ATT did a great job of solving my problem, though they did not know what happened. After confirming my identity for security, they gave me the username of the old DSL ATT account that the Yahoo account was tied to, and reset the password. This allowed me to reset my password for the Yahoo account, and got it all back up and working.



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Re: Locked out of yahoo email

If you do not have service through AT&T how did you get them to let you back in?  I was told by a tech that because I was using a 'free' account they could not reset anything!  Who did you contact?  Was it by phone...and if so...what phone number?

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Re: Locked out of yahoo email

I still have an active Wireless account with ATT that somehow was still connected to the deactivated DSL account. I am not sure how this all interacts, but the Yahoo account was definitely linked to the deactivated DSL account, and that they could get me back into that account so that I could update Yahoo account and change password. I will try to "unlink" the accounts at some point when I have more time, though the techs seem to indicate that that was not possible.

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Re: Locked out of yahoo email

Regarding the oxymoron "technical support", I'm up to 14 days and counting of no SEND ability from a local client software package. Outbound client email went down two weeks ago – I have spent hours on the phone trying to resolve this issue – actually just trying to get someone at AT&T to acknowledge an issue exists.


I have call all of these numbers, some multiple time (and others I neglected to record):






866.435.3264 (billing)


If there is no applicable prompt, keep pressing "0" (at least six times in a row).


Good luck.




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possible compromised email

Has anyone else gotten a message from Internet Security Services today stating that their e-mail address might of been compromised?

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Re: Locked out of yahoo email

I too was locked out , it looks like this morning.  Almost like they were hacked.  I got email at 3 am while I slept and now none of my accounts work and of course I cannot remember by favorite hobby or first job, one or both.  Who knows what i put back then.  My accounts like the others are signed on automatically so it is not a matter of forgetting a password     So now what.  finding someone to talk to or email is impossible if you dont have a pay account with them.  Do they want to get you to sign up to get help???

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Re: possible compromised email

not sure but looks like several people's accounts had their passwords changed or deleted, including me, while they slept .. Something is surely going on.

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