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Kindle Fire - AT&T Email setup


Kindle Fire - AT&T Email setup

I have tried many variations of setting up my email on my new Kindle Fire with absolutely no success.


I have tried using the Yahoo selection that comes with the Kindle, doesn't work.

I have tried using the Other selection and entering the pop3/smtp servers and Ports from AT&T's email instructions, doesn't work.


Has anyone had success in setting this up?  If so, please try to recall the settings you used.  This is making me crazy.



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Re: Kindle Fire - AT&T Email setup

Actually, I had issues the 1st time I tried - but I think there were issues with because the 2nd time I tried, it worked fine.


Selected Yahoo

Gave it my user name, including

Gave it the password

Clicked on Next and away I went.


I do find that if I have < 2 bars on my connection, it is sometimes difficult to do anything.

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Re: Kindle Fire - Email setup

There is an easy to use Android App on Kindle Fires that can be used for multiple email addresses. Its very good.

Select Apps

Select Store

Search for "email"

Select the app called "email", it has a picture of a white envelope with a heart on the seal side.



Select the lined box in the upper right corner, and select Settings.

Select Add Account.

Put in the Name, email address +/- an identifying word.

Default requires active selection


It recognizes Yahoo and connects without manual input of settings.


PS: this app has the capacity to save emails in folders.





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Re: Kindle Fire - AT&T Email setup

The issue for me was just checking the box in your email settings on your main PC. The box that says "leave a copy on the server for xx days"

Without checking this the portable device will only share in any emails received while it's on, because the server is dumping the emails. 


checking this box also allows you to use web mail, unless you turn your PC off when you go on vacation. 

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