Inactive email SFPWD43


Inactive email SFPWD43

I have talked to 5 different departments and a few more people within those departments and the answers are all useless.

My email account is inactive. I need a password to activate. Don't remeber it so need a new password but can't get one because email is inactive. Go figure!

I have talked to dsl, uverse, tech support for both, and web assistant center and all I get is we apologize for the inconvenience. Can someone help me?

I want to reactivate my old email. It is not free...i use to have to pay to have it and when i stopped paying it then it became inactive. Now I am told when service is cancelled u get to keep email for free yay you but not yay me because I am in limbo.

Help would be appreciated!
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Re: Inactive email SFPWD43

My ATT.NET was hacked this morning and spam emails sent out to my adress book contacts. I could still use my account all day though........until one hour ago..Nnow it says I am inactive and I cannot get in OR change my password!!! I have been online looking for answers and they all require me to put in or reset my password which keeps getting rejected because it says I AM INACTIVE!!!!!!!! I have had no problems for 3 years until now........and how ridiculous that it said that you will email me with a reply when I CAN'T GET INTO MY EMAIL ACCOUNT BECAUSE YOU SAY IT IS DEACTIVATED....I have had to use someone else's email address to receive YOUR message to me...!!! AT&T,...PLEASE HELP ME>>>!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Inactive email SFPWD43

This is a simple enough question to answer straight. Does the address cease or not?

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Re: Inactive email SFPWD43

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my account, which I have used more than 6 years went inactive from one day to the next last week.

that{word filter evasion} up. ????????????

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