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Icons missing for creating email

Icons missing for creating email

Where are the icons for underlineing and changing font size when creating emails? There may be others missing but those are the ones I have needed most.

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Re: Icons missing for creating email

Hello Janice:


After clicking on Compose using the new webmail configuration, a portal opens for message creation.  On the bottom bar of the message portal is found the icons for altering font appearance:  Font type - Tt, Bold - B, Italic - I, Font color and background field color - A, etc.


View attached image below:


eMail Compose Portal


It appears the option to underline is no longer available.

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Re: Icons missing for creating email

A CSR advised me that to underline you now have to highlight and use ctrl + U. And that the Tt font icon contained both the style and sizes. Apparently the sizes are limited to just the 4 choices now :-(

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Re: Icons missing for creating email

Thank you for the info about using Ctrl+U.  All of these old keyboard "cheats" are from MS Windows 3.1 which I used, what seems to be, a million years ago.


I am so disappointed with our web-based mail software and it's ineptitudes!!  Everytime a software change is rolled out, less and less is available to personalize messages.  It all started with the elimination of the stationery along with some nice UTF-8 fonts which are universally installed on all MS Windows machines.  Even if Windows-based messages go to Mac machines, there are comparable fonts on the other side; there is no character loss, goes for Linux, too.  The unlimited color palette was reduced to 18 crayon colors for text characters and fields and we are also limited to 4 text sizes as you also pointed out.


I know I keep threatening to find another mail handler but never really researched what's available.  Guess it's time to actively shop for another because this one stinks!

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