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IP blacklisted


IP blacklisted



Our IP address 553 5.3.0 flpd598 DNSBL:RBL 521< >_is_blocked. For assistance forward this email to abuse_rbl@abuse-att.net has been blacklist apparently for no reason. I believe that your system may have falsely detected our IP range as being dynamic for sending emails but it is not. We have several customers that use their own servers to send email with, and their servers are dedicated to them and solely them. This IP listed here is the IP to one of our servers and is not in anyway at all being used for spam. We also do not under any circumstances change email sending IPs. We've tried to contact your spam team already and get no response. I respectfully ask that you remove the IP from your blacklist. 


I'd also like to note that there is a long, a very long history of this occurring solely with ATT that the web hosting industry has years of complaining about to no avail. In our specific situation, if you run the IP you will see that it has a very high senderscore, has zero listings on blacklist, and has not caused issues. In fact, one of our primary IPs, is ALSO blocked apparently for absolutely no reason. This is the IP to one of our primary servers that does not have or use mailing list, and has an extremely low volume of email. Please have our IPs removed from your blacklist

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‎09-13-2018 12:48 PM

Re: IP blacklisted

Hi @james1911


We understand that your ip address has been blocked. The resolution is that you need forward that bounce back email to the email address abuse_rbl@abuse-att.net.  Our Blacklist team will look at your escalation do what they can to resolve or remove you from the blacklist.


Matthew, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: IP blacklisted

Thank you Matthew. However, the reason I am here on a public forum is because I am not getting a response from them at all. What is the next step or who can I contact to get this resolved other than that email address since there is zero communication coming from that team. Please direct me to the right place to have this escalated, I would prefer to call someone or have it handled here if possible. Thanks

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Re: IP blacklisted

A formal complaint has been filed with the FTC. I will go from there. Thank you


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Re: IP blacklisted

I am not getting a bounce back error message or email, but my emails are not getting through. I went and searched for my IP on blacklisted sites and found that I am blacklisted on dnsbl.spfbl.net


Now what do I do?

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Re: IP blacklisted

What is going on with AT&T and this blocking of IP's??? Suddenly I can not send or receive email or access the Cpanel for my Hosting Account if I am connected to the internet with AT&T. If I use a remote to a PC that uses Spectrum (or a Verizon Hot Spot) everything works, email and access to Cpanel. 

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