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I cannot access my account on yahoo.


I cannot access my account on yahoo.

I have lost contact with my account.  It may have been hacked since I received several emails that were returned but which I did not send and I got some messages on being unable to deliver messages.  I delete the messages but I was told by an ATT tech that the password was changed this morning, although not by me.  Now I cannot access the account or change the password and the tech person told me my only option is to contact an on line support person.  I do have a Uverse account that this could be merged with but it has not been done yet.  I use the ameritech account for a number of personal matters and would not want to lose it.  How do I regain control of the account and change the password?  I can probably answer the security questions but I was not given that option.


Joe <CM Edit - personal info removed>

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: I cannot access my account on yahoo.

Hello Joe,  You might try going to and click on forgot password to unlock or reset password.  It should prompt you with questions to verify you are the authorized account holder before resetting.  If you can successfully answer the questions the password will be reset.  Once it is reset, you can then log into the Yahoo site to check emails.   For more info go to:  Change or reset your AT&T password or goto and search the topic your are inquiring about.  Hope this work for you.

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Re: I cannot access my account on yahoo.

Whats the error message you get?

Are you using Outlook, Windowsmail, or other clientmail software to access your emails?
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