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I can't send emails


I can't send emails

Suddenly, while I can receive email messages on my Outlook, I cannot send any messages.  Nothing has been changed in my Outlook settings, everything worked fine until a few days ago.  Error message says the server has timed out waiting for a response from the POP server. my POP server is AT&T through Yahoo. I phoned AT&T and they passed the buck to Microsoft because I can send and receive messages successfully from Yahoo.  How can I fix this?

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‎01-03-2018 12:26 PM

Re: I can't send emails

Had the same problem.


This procedure should help:



It's really a shame the ATT support folks aren't helping with this issue

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Re: I can't send emails

Thanks for the info. I tried this too but still can not get outlook to send mail.  receive still works fine.  Generated the security key but it's not validating it after I enter it in the account.   Very frustrating!

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Re: I can't send emails

I'm convinced that ATT doesn't have a clue what's going on inside their house.  I've been passed around the world since last Thursday regarding my inability to send emails either from Outlook, Phone X, and now their own ATT or Yahoo webpage servers.

Had Microsoft Level 2 conference a call with ATT's pencil-necked geeks, only to get nowhere.  They're the most insolent, arrogant, IGNORANT buffoons I've ever seen.  Rejects from some ITT Technical College who couldn't get a job at McDonald's if they tried.

Higher-Up's in ATT have no clue what's going on.  They should be in the unemployment line!!!!!  This is totally unacceptable.

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Re: I can't send emails

RESOLVED!!!!  Without any help from ATT, either.

Went to Yahoo.com's website and tried entering the email address (.......@yahoo.com) that was serviced there for years and was told it wasn't a recognized email address.  I was then told to tie my email address with another email address associated with yahoo.com

I did and was immediately connected and active again.

Once connected, I tried a test email from Yahoo's site and was successful.

I then went to my Outlook 2013 program and entered the incoming/outgoing instructions provided by Yahoo.  The ONLY difference came with the outgoing directions.  There, I had to input: smtp.outbound.att.net, but all ports, etc. was that appearing on Yahoo's instructions.

One other thing, when setting up the new email address, instead of your regular password, use the Secure Key provided by ATT.  Enter that instead, and be sure to check the SPA box.

I haven't tried testing on ATT's webpage, as it appears to be a mirror of Yahoo's and Yahoo's instructions worked.

I've spent over 30 hours the past 5 days trying to get this rectified.  Even paid $29 to Microsoft, which was refunded today, and had their Level 2 service conference calling ATT's Level 2 in an effort to get this resolved.


Just read ATT revenue dropped in the latest quarter on subscriber losses......small wonder.

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Re: I can't send emails

Did you get your issue resolved and if so, how?  I"m having the same issue now.  I followed the directions, got the security key but can not send emails but I can receive them fine.  

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Re: I can't send emails

I am SO aggravated !!  For the past three days I have been unable to send email from my bellsouth.net account.  Someone needs to fix this mess!!  I am a 75 yr old grandma who has NO idea what all these suggestions, which don't seem to work, mean.  Outlook, keys, blah, blah blah.  Just fix the  thing!!

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Re: I can't send emails

Did you get it to work?  I am having the same problems with my pacbell.net acct.

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Re: I can't send emails

Same with me. Did you get it resolved?  IF so, how???

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Re: I can't send emails

No, still screwed up.  I receive email, but still can't send.  Grrrrr  I have no idea what to do about it!

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Re: I can't send emails

I was finally able to get through to someone and never added the solution, my bad.  He told me to change the password and it should work.  (Actually someone else I talked to said that moght work but wasn’t sure.)  So, I changed the password and it did work.  Mine is an old sbcglobal.net account so if that had not worked, there wasn’t another solution to try.

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Re: I can't send emails

THANK YOU!!!  It worked!!  
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Re: I can't send emails

Mine is too an old sbcglobal.net account which is also my business email (I am self employed...if I don't do it, it doesn't get done).  I have gotten only one email to send in the last 24 hours... this is beyond maddening!!!  I am not sure how to change my password and haven't had the time to figure it out today with too much work... thank goodness I have a gmail account that I have been able to copy and paste to today.  Any tips would be appreciated.  

I'm guessing those of us who have had trouble should switch to yahoo? or gmail?

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Re: I can't send emails

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Re: I can't send emails

My problem is sending email (I can and am receiving emails)...  so as suggested I attempted an email to myself at my personal acct and after pressing "send", this is the info that pops up on the screen in a box, and email is not sent...same popup for last 24 hours.
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