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Resetting password for sub-account

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How to Reset your Email Password using myAT&T

Email_Support_o.jpgAT&T Sign in & Password Reset 


You are here because you can't sign into your email or you forgot one of your many passwords. Resetting your password is one of the fastest solutions. Let's get started!


Heads Up: It is recommend that you use your member ID  to sign in. Find Your ID Now


How To Change Your Password

Go to www.att.com or use the myAT&T app:

  1. Login to the myAT&T app, scroll and select "My plans & features"
  2. Hit the "plus" button next to your service and select "Manage my network & email"
  3. Select "Change Email Password"

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Note: If you are still unable to login after resetting your password, wait 12 hours for the system to update and try again.


Email Tips & Troubleshooting Solutions 


AT&T Customer Care

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forgot password to my bellsouth.net account

I can't remember my password to my bellsouth.net account. Not sure if correct phone number is associated with account.

I could answer the security questions but it does not give me that option.




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trying to get into old bellsouth.net account

Doesn't give me an option to answer security questions. I really need to get back in my account.


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email account

My mother-in-law has AT&T internet and wants to set up her e-mail account, but doesn't remember if she was given an account name.  How can I find out what she should be using for her e-mail account name and password?

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I recently was in my email account and suddenly I was kicked out. I haven't been able to log back in for the past two days. It gives the message that I have the wrong password and I tried using the security questions and it is also telling me I have the wrong answers. Can someone please help me reset my password.
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Recover old sbcglobal email


I used to have an email address with sbcglobal and I'm trying to recover it. Is that possible? Email address was ***

When I try to do forgot password the system says invalid username


[Edited for privacy-This is a public forum. Please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]

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changed for email address

I have an extremely old account- and the only service I have is my email account - access, phone etc is thru other services. I have moved and my address is different and my credit card expired. So I went hunting for a way to update it. Well this has been a 4 hour job with no success. I have used chat for direction - that was a nightmare and I have called with being transferred to about 12 different agents. They can not find my existence. The last agent took my number and said they wound call back with an update... yea right.! So now what do I do?

My account number is not recognized- neither is my SSN; my name or my phone number- they have checked the addresses both old and the new one. Oh and I have checked the online options too.

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Yahoo email issues.... I got my Yahoo.com through AT&T -- now I'm unable to reset my password

Yahoo email issues.... I got my Yahoo.com through AT&T -- now I'm unable to reset my password & thus am unable to get into my Main Yahoo email account.

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unable to login - states my account is no longer active and parents have to reset

the email i can not log into is rweldy@att.net.   My existing email is robinweldy@att.net. The message I get when I try to log into [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]@att.net is:


Your account is inactive. You will not be able to reset the password with your account in this status. If you are under 13 years of age, your parents need to re-approve your access to your email account and other AT&T online services. Your parents can Log In with their User ID (e.g., johndoe@att.net) to give that approval.


I am an adult. please let me know what I can do. my phone number is *****

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Forgot password used to set up Outlook for emailing from Publisher.

I purchased a new PC and added Office 365 for publishing a Newsletter.  When I was setting up Outlook I needed my user id and password I used when I originally set it up on my old PC.  I don't remember either.  The error message I received said that it is needed to set up POP and  IMAP  and I cannot connect to outgoing mail server (SMTP)without the password and user id given to me by my service provider.  How can I get those things?

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Forgot email password and no longer have access to recovery​ methods

I have forgotten my password to my email account. I had it saved on my old phone that I no longer have for so long I can't ​remember. I can give a few of the previous passwords if that will help att reset it. I do not have access to the recovery phone number or email.....I will be keeping my info up to date from now on lol!!! PLEASE HELP
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Can not access my email account

I have tried to access my email but my password does not match, my last name does not match, and I have tried all day to gain access but no luck. Can't even access CHAT to get help. I have important messages in my account that I need to send answers to asap. Why does yahoo/AT&T not have a simple solution for this?

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how do i get a new password?

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Re: how to get access to my E-mail

I been having the same issues, I am not able to log in to Yahoo email. I am being redirected to reset my password and it takes me to AT&T website. Yahoo is linked to my ATT. I need to know what I can do to recover a password that works so I am able to get access to my e-mails? 

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Email Password

So, yesterday my snet.net (one of the old ATT emails) was working.  Today it says I need a new password. I can't log in to change my password because I don't have my old password.  They asked for security questions, I answered, it is saying wrong answers.  I called ATT Support, they say they can't help because I don't have an ATT account.  I called Frontier, who bought the ATT business in this area, they say they can't help.  Anyone have a solution?  Thank you!

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Resetting password for sub-account

In changing "the password" after the Yahoo break-in warning I seem to have messed up the password to a "sub-account" (linked account?). While I am still able to send & receive this account to some of my devices (tablet & Winodws 10 laptop), I cannot with my Windows 7 desktop. The only way to get this straightened out is to reset the password on the sub-account, but cannot find instructions on how to do this. Where is it hidden?



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