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Re: drafts folder contents gone

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How do I unmerge AT&T and Yahoo email accounts?


You may have been notified that your E-mail account is about to get unmerged. You may have had a merged account where your AT&T E-mail and Yahoo E-mail were merged into a single account, which allowed the password and inboxes to be shared.


If you are not sure if you have a merged account, it is likely you have one if:

  • You can sign in to your merged E-mail account using either you AT&T or your Yahoo E-mail address.
  • You can sign in to myA&T with either your AT&T or Yahoo E-mail addresses.
  • You use the same password for both AT&T and Yahoo E-mail accounts.
  • Your mailbox receives messages from both your AT&T and Yahoo E-mail address.
  • When you reset the password, it changes the password on both Yahoo and AT&T accounts.
  • When trying to reset your Yahoo password, it redirects you to myAT&T.

What is Happening?
Beginning mid-November 2017, you will no longer be able to sign in to myAT&T or att.net with your Yahoo ID.
Beginning early December 2017, all merged email accounts will be separated into two separate email accounts.


What does this mean to you?

Beginning in mid-November 2017, you will need to start using your AT&T email address to sign in to myAT&T instead of your Yahoo email address.

  • To access your AT&T account in myAT&T, you’ll need to sign in using your AT&T email address. (Don’t worry, we’ll tell you what it is if you try to sign in with your Yahoo email address.)
  • To access your AT&T email account through att.net, you’ll need to use your AT&T email address. (Again, we’ll tell you what it is if you try to sign in with your Yahoo email address.) 
    For a short time, you’ll still be able to sign in to your combined email account with your Yahoo email address on yahoo.com.

In early December 2017, you’ll need to start signing in to your AT&T and Yahoo email accounts separately since you will now have two unique accounts.

  • The passwords will not change until you decide to change them.
  • Your AT&T E-mail account will be empty. This includes E-mails, contacts, calendar, information associated with Yahoo sites (Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Groups, Tumblr, finance portfolios). All of this information will be on your Yahoo E-mail account.
  • Your Yahoo E-mail password can be managed through the Yahoo Member Center.

What about my Sub-accounts?

  • All Yahoo accounts will become stand alone accounts.
  • Just like the parent accounts, any subaccounts that were linked to a yahoo account, the AT&T E-mail account will be empty and all the E-mails, contacts, and other things will be stay with the Yahoo account.
  • The AT&T subaccounts will still be subaccounts under the primary AT&T E-mail account.

What about my E-mails, Contacts, and Folders

  • Your E-mails, Contacts, and Folders for your merged accounts will be available when you login with your YahooID.
  • For your Yahoo E-mail, Contacts, and Folder issues, please reach out to Yahoo.
    • If you are getting an AT&T error message or not seeing your E-mails, Contacts, or Folders, such as a terminated account, try clearing your cache and cookies or using a different browser. Make sure you are logging in with your @yahoo.com account at mail.yahoo.com.
    • You can reset your password at this site.
    • If you are missing E-mails, you can recover your E-mail at this site.

Not able to Sign In

  • Yahoo E-mail - Please contact Yahoo, as we no longer have access to Yahoo accounts.
  • AT&T - Getting incorrect password? Go to our help article to get back into your account.
    • Suspended / Inactive / Error 550.5.2.1 - Accounts were disabled from inactivity during the unmerge. To fix this, try to sign in and after 48 hours, your E-mail account will become active again.
    • Getting redirected to Yahoo site - Clear your cache and cookies or try using a different browser. Make sure you are logging into the right site. Go to att.net and click on the mail icon at the top-right.

David, AT&T Community Specialist

AT&T Help

Need help with an account specific question?  Post a new question here on the forums by clicking the "Ask a Question" button.
For additional support, please visit us at our AT&T services hub.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Where did my folders go??!!

I am having trouble accessing an AT&T subaccount.  It shows up on the drop-down box along with the other email addresses, but the program does not recognize my password--although I had no problems with it last week.  I tried another browser and got a message that I could reset the password.  When I clicked on that a large message box came up stating I was being redirected to ATT.com where I could recover my password.  However, I was never redirected.  How do I access this subaccount?


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Re: Where did my folders go??!!

I am still not able to change my Yahoo email password. It redirects me back to the MyATT login which then says my old SBC global email login and password do not exist. How am I to fix this issue when AT&T and Yahoo refuse to help??

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Re: Where did my folders go??!!

I have valuable info that I was going to work on this morning,  I need it, what can I do???

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Re: Where did my folders go??!!

I have valuable information that I need to retrieve today.  What can I do?

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Re: Where did my folders go??!!



I had an at&t account and moved overseas and my yahoo e-mail account is still linked to at&t account and I can not change my password and my account is hacked and no one helps me from at&t. Scam artists from all over the world are using my account to send spam and trying to do the same to others. I changed my name to Hacked At&tyahoodonthelp.  The account number was 93940038, the phone number was 713 666 0149. e-mail either mehmet.uzunhasan@att.net or uzunhasan@att.net, my hacked yahoo account is mehmetu30@yahoo.com. When I try to change my password, the site sends me to the at&t yahoo web site and my account does not exist there. I can t even close this account.


Can someone please help me? When I calll from overseas, they keep transfering me from one to another who can not solve the problem. This is really frustrating. 

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Re: drafts folder contents gone

Well, here it us almost a year later and they just now pulled that unmerge truck on me. With zero warning. 

I am not surprised, just disgusted. 

I cannot login to Yahoo, and Att account is frozen. I have had three dudital assistants “guarantee “ me that if I just go to site ........ I will have my contacts andcemails back. 


What a crock. Have had this account forever, and this has how they reward me. [Edited to comply with Guidelines]

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Re: Where did my folders go??!!



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Re: Where did my folders go??!!

I was reading some ATT instructions and suddenly I was switched to this, with grey arrows and no way to get back.


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Re: Where did my folders go??!!

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