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Error: 652314 - Yahoo does not recognize my password and will not allow me to reset


Error: 652314 - Yahoo does not recognize my password and will not allow me to reset

since 9/20/17 my yahoo account will not recognize my password- and when I try to reset it I receive the following error message  : Something isn't working right. Give it some time and try again. (Error code:652314)

this is very frustrating and no way to contact AT&T to get assistance. PLEASE HELP.

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can't login to my yahoo email account

i've been using my yahoo email for over 10 years. not sure why it is linked to ATT but it is.  I can log into ATT but can not log into yahoo account .  when i try to login i get error code 652314 and it tells me to try again later.  still nothing..  can anyone help?

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I can not login to my email account

I tried to login my att.net  email account. Once I click on E-mail Icon, Yahoo login page appears. If I signed in and tried to login to my Email account, Email Icon with 'Turn on my email notification' appears. If I click on 'Yes please' then Yahoo login page appears. This has happened several times in the past few weeks. How can I login to my att.net emails account login page?


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can't login to my yahoo account

i have a yahoo account that for some reason is linked to sbcglobal.net account.  I've been using it for >10 years.  Recently i can't login to my yahoo account.  i click forgot my password (which i haven't forgotten) and then i get routed to ATT.net and then i get an error message 652314.  Something isn't working right. Give it some time and try again. (Error code:652314).  i want to unlink my account so that i don't have to deal with ATT. I'm not an ATT customer.

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Extra login needed to access my att.net email

When ATT disassociated itself from YAHOO, I was lead to believe that I would still be able to access my att.net email from my homepage at start.att.net  Everything was working fine until a couple of days ago.  Now, after logging in to my home page at start.att.net, I'm directed to a YAHOO page that I have to login to check my emails. Can someone please explain way this extra step was added without any notification?

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‎09-28-2017 9:52 AM

Re: Yahoo does not recognize my password and will not allow me to reset

Hi @FRTN09,


Update: Our members are unable to log in after multiple attempts and some are being routed to Yahoo pages to login. This is is a known issue and our network teams are working on correcting this! We know this is not the solution but wanted to make sure everyone sees this response. 


Sorry to read of the trouble you are having with your Yahoo account. If it is merged with an AT&T email, you will need to reset the AT&T email address. The new password will be your Yahoo password. Once the password reset has been performed, delete cache and cookies.

Old password can cause issues when attempting to sign up. Last, disable any mail client until you change the password there, if you are using one. 


If your email is not merged with yahoo, updating your browser and deleting cache & cookies may help. If not, you will need to contact yahoo. 


You will find additional email troubleshooting steps here. Feel free to search the forums using the search bar above. You will find a lot of solutions that may help in the future. 



ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

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yahoo email password

I am trying to change my yahoo email account and get kicked out of yahoo and redirected ATT. Does this mean that my yahoo email account is linked to my ATT account

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How many times must I sign in?

Att/Yahoo eMail.
Having fun playing your silly little games with those STOIDI at Yahoo? I'm sick of ATT and Yahoo providing the Lowest level of Customer Service possible. With the Complaints I've read, ATT and Yahoo ought to be sued.
Go ahead, Lie to me and tell me the eMail is FREE. It's NOT. Ask Yahoo how I know.
Since when does someone have to "Sign In" Five or Six times and still not get in!

I had the Same Problem last week.

I don't know which is worse, Windows 10, Google Chrome, the New Yahoo or, the rest

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I can't sign into my bellsouth.net email

It's been two days!! Same error message ...no help results!


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Re: I can't sign into my bellsouth.net email

I just started having this problem two days ago after getting a new phone and trying to enter the password for yahoo email. I keep getting redirected to AT&T. In 2004 I had an sbc global account. I no longer have any accounts with AT&T after porting my landline and switching my dsl to cable a couple of years ago. I get no opportunity to answer any secret questions and AT&T digital management says they cannot help. Error code is 65231
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Yahoo Email

I am unable to log in to my Yahoo acct on my computer. On my phone I am in the acct. But when I try to sigh onto the computer, which I alway keep signed on it says invalid password. So then I go to forgot password and it comes back with a message , were having a problem try back later error code 652314. This has been going on for weeks now, Please help, not that great with computers so I dont know what to do at this point and I dont want to sign off on phone for this acct as Im afraid I will not be able to sign on, HELP 

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Re: Yahoo Email

This problem just started for me.  Locked out of Yahoo email, recovery or password change takes me to the AT&T "Error 652314" screen, which says they are having a problem. Sounds like this "problem" has been going on for months and this is the AT&T "F you" screen.  Since I don't have a paying internet account with AT&T, I get into the "help" do loop as well.  I don't believe Yahoo even has a help department any more.  So, is my email account that I've had for decades lost in limbo now?  Sounds like it.....

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Re: Yahoo Email

I see many people have these issues but where would i find the solutions?

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Re: Yahoo Email

I'm locked our of my Yahoo email as well. The solution you mention is "reset the AT&T email address" but you don't provide any steps around how to do that, and the link in "here" brings to the whole forum. Where are the steps to "reset the AT&T email address".




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Re: Yahoo Email

I need help with my yahoo email. will not let me sign in nor will it let me change my password

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