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Email sign in requires multiple attempts


Email sign in requires multiple attempts

Within the last month it seems that I have to input my user id and password twice to successfully sign in to my att email. I am certain that I am inputting the password correctly and I do not get a message that the password is incorrect. This is an issue at ATT.NET. However I do Not have the same issue at ATT.COM. I chatted on line with support but it has not been resolved yet. Again this has recently started to occur, therefore I suspect that it is due to a change to ATT.NET. Is anyone else experiencing this same issue. It is annoying. Thanks

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Re: Email log in requires multiple attempts


Does this happen with a different browser? My best guess is that your browser stored an incorrect password for the att.net domain. This has happened to me before on different sites and in order to fix the issue I had to delete all saved credentials from the internet settings in the browser.

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Re: Email log in requires multiple attempts

I have been having that same problem for about a week now.  And it's not because of my internet browser.  Because of security issues with the browsers, I choose not to allow that to happen. I keep all my passwords in a private location.  I haven't called AT&T because I don't want to wait forever on the phone -- that's why I'm here in the Community forums. 


It's just very irritating to be required to enter the same information twice.  Does anyone have a solution?

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Re: Email log in requires multiple attempts

This has been going on for me also, for maybe a month or two.  Actually, I kind of like it.  If a hack attempt is made with the right password, it will fail and move on to the next try.

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‎08-24-2017 1:34 PM

Re: Email log in requires multiple attempts

I was able to figure this out. I use Firefox with pop-ups blocked. I presume that when you first log in to ATT it presents Firefox with a Pop Up and therefore Firefox blocks it. To resolve it I did the following:

Top menu "tools"



Pop-ups is checked . Go to the right and click on "Exceptions"

In address of websites to allow pop-ups I put   att.net

Problem solved.

Thanks to all for your kind reply's

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Re: Email log in requires multiple attempts

I have also recently had this issue. And in response to the previous response, it happens using both Google and Firefox.


Very annoying - obviously something changes somewhere in ATT email; there is another string where someone outlined a similar issue, and called ATT service who tole him it was Yahoo's problem, called them who told him it was not that it was ATT's problem.


I had been in that loop about a year ago for another problem and only received a believable answer by ramping up the reporting line, supervisor to higher supervisor, etc.


Hey ATT - obviously there is a problem somewhere - FIX IT!

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