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Email problems


Email problems

I am trying to get someone on the phone at ATT regarding an email address problem.
We are in the US Virgin Islands where ATT no longer has ISP service, just cell service and long distance. I have tried endlessly to reach someone about changing a password for a sub account . All they know is cell phone issues. I dial 800 400 1447 which refers me to 800 288 2020and lists every state in the union, then tells you to call another 800 number 222 0300. On that number is a recording that says due to an emergency they cannot except any calls and hangs up. This has been going on for some time and I am very frustrated.
Do you know of a blog where I might actually find a person to resolve this? The screen to manage the subaccounts is no longer.

Please HELP


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Re: Email problems



     I'm sorry to hear that your having trouble  resetting your password. I have included three links below which I hope will assist you. The first two are informational and the third being a way to send a private message to our ATTCustomer care team if the first two links are of no help. Please include your name, an accessible email, phone number and the best time that you can be contacted. Please also allow up to 48 hrs for a response from a team member.



Email login and password help


Change or reset your AT&T passwords


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Re: Email problems

I always hesitate to call AT&T because the system routes me through several automatic messages before I can get to speak with someone, regardless of which number I called. After years of complaints and making suggestions, I'm glad to say that they've improved the system and the process is indeed shortened, as they've stopped re-routing my calls to the automatic system. However, whenever I've a problem that needs immediate attention, I dial 1877-377-0414, which is their Retention Dept and I get a live person immediately, unless they're really swamped. These folks can do anything and everything because they've the authority to make unhappy customers happy, e.g. credits, refunds, new services (the very best way to go), special promotions, discounts, etc. They're also very pleasant to talk to. That number is now on my speed-dial. What they've done very successfully is to stop me from giving my business to their competitors because I've done that in the past but their competitors are worse.
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Re: Email problems

The original poster stated a very real problem, I have encountered that rediculousness several times in the past and now today. Once I spent two hours going in circles; I don't know how I finally got connected... to someone in India that I couldn't understand well and she didn't understand the problem, no solution at that time.  
That stupid IVR needs to be fixed to accommodate the fact that there might be no phone number involved whatsoever, just an email issue.  I have just webmail.... Really, I hate to be contentious, but surely many have been affected by this IVR thing, and how hard can it be for a company like ATT to fix such a thing.

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