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Email & Internet Security Help


Having trouble logging into your email account? Are certain features not working? Wondering how AT&T can help you secure your email and internet? Have other questions regarding your email or security? We can help with that!


AT&T Password Reset Assistance - Learn how to reset your email account and free email account.


Email Troubleshooting - Having trouble with a mail client? Web mail features not working? Mail not going where it needs to go? 


AT&T and Internet Security - Secure your online experience and email.


Email Sub-accounts - Learn how to create one.


3rd Party Email Setup - use a client like Outlook? Mac Mail? 


AT&T Online Email Support - Check out our popular solutions 


Recovery Your Email - Did you recently lose your email? 


Have other questions or concerns? Go to att.com or search the forums using the search bar above. Your question may have already been answered! 




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Re: Email & Internet Security Help

I have lost all of my email contacts - when I click on "Contacts", I get the spinning wheel, it says: "Loading...". This really blows as I have to enter every email address. The search function no longer works for email. And my homepage will not load -  https://my.yahoo.com/#


Please help me.

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Are you having trouble logging in? Is your email password not working? Let us show you how to Reset your Email Password using myAT&T!
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