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Email Received, But Sender gets Bounce Back response on Both my SBC and ATT accounts


Email Received, But Sender gets Bounce Back response on Both my SBC and ATT accounts

People are sending me emails (which i receive on my end) but the sender still gets an undelivered email bounce notification. It happens to 2 of my email account.I have an AT&T.net and SBCGLOBAL.net account linked. The message the sender gets is as follows. 


Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

The recipient's mailbox is full and can't accept messages now. Please try resending your message later, or contact the recipient directly.


Diagnostic information for administrators:

Generating server: BL2NAM02HT189.mail.protection.outlook.com

Remote Server returned '554 5.2.2 mailbox full;


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Re: Email Received, But Sender gets Bounce Back response on Both my SBC and ATT accounts

Since I posted above I followed some step suggested by a search for "My free sbcglobal.net email account was hacked and now I can not receive emails, how do I fix that"


It suggested I look at my webmail settings. I checked them and found the hacker (I have previously had some of my bank accounts hacked because of this email compromise) had added a "forward to" email address which i had not seen before. This person has been getting a copy of all my emails forwarded to him/her for who knows how long!


I tried to remove the address from the "forward" list in "mailbox settings" but I now see a warning triangle and a note saying "this email address is waiting to be verified. Please follow the instructions sent to ....." !!! Now this person is going to be asked if they want to keep getting a copy of my email and I have no way to stop that - as there are not other options in this setting panel to put a stop to that! ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE?


Thanks in advance 

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‎01-08-2019 5:39 AM

Re: Email Received, But Sender gets Bounce Back response on Both my SBC and ATT accounts

ok I figured it out and I am posting here - to help others - 



My first instinct was to try to get someone on the phone. After reading searching the error in the search window on this community forum, i saw admin helping a lot of people, my my issue was that the user setting for the "forwarding" options was not there to turn it off.


I then decided to go back to the basics! I tried using a PC laptop instead of my MAC - assuming these website front ends are written in script designed for PC operating systems. The menus and options all looked the same - so no solution there.


I then deiced to use the option in the mail settings to "switch to classic view" !!!!

Then when I went to email account settings, there was a new drop down in the forwarding options (yeha!) that allowed me to change the forward to email address (it would not allow me to remove it). So who care! I just replaced it with another unrelated email account I have. Then I hit save and it sent me a verification email to that account. I went to that email account on my phone and followed the verification steps!

Then I refreshed the webmail settings where I was dealing with this in "classic view" and it showed my email address in the forward box rather than the hackers! It also now showed me an option to "remove it". I followed that - but it did not work. Who cares, the problem has been solved for the best part! 


Long story short, the option to fix your problems will likely be there somewhere - break it down and help yourself rather than sitting behind someone in line who is also waiting for someone to help them. 

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