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Early Termination Fees


Early Termination Fees

So about three months ago I moved in with two roommates and we all said we were gonna be there for a few years. So, being we were all in school, I called up ATT and got us the internet in my name. I bundled it with TV because why not, they wanted tv and so did I. Then about two weeks ago, they both moved out to find better places, only notifying me the day of the move. So now I have to move and my new place already has services. I called ATT to cancel the service and they said it was gonna cost me $345 to cancel both the TV and the internet. I don't know what to do now. My old roommates won't help with the bill. Is there anything I can do, or do I have to keep paying for a service I no longer use?

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Re: Early Termination Fees

Each service has a $180 early termination fee pro rated $15 per month.


How long have you had the services as the $360 combined ETF would be reduced $30 per month. After 3 months, 9 months remaining would be $270, 10 months $300 


Be sure to return all equipment within 21 days of cancelling or charged $150 per equipment, gateway and 2 receivers would be $450.

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