EPIX.com, HBOGO.com & MAXGO.com problems


EPIX.com, HBOGO.com & MAXGO.com problems

Today I spent a total of 4 hrs with AT&T customer service trying to get my AT&T account to be recognized by HBOGO MAXGO & EPIX websites so I could watch movies on my laptop. I subscribe to all the movie channels and it has worked before but all of a sudden HBO & Cinemax says i am not using my primary but a seconday account which is insane because I only have 1 active account with ATT,.......EPIX,com says I am not a registered subscriber of their programing but I am...and have verified such. Anyway after 4 hrs and 6 representatives later...absolutely nothing was solved...in fact it actually caused me more problems....my password to my email got messed up....and during this painful process lost my home phone internet & television for a good 10 minutes....not to mention I received almost 30 verification emails from ATT (once it started working again) that my password had been changed.....and I am not exagerating the number. Well after all that time and effort...I am back to square one....so if someone with AT&T reads this post I would appreciate any help you could give.

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Re: EPIX.com, HBOGO.com & MAXGO.com problems


Hi @FrontierCWBY 


I'm sorry you're having some issues with your account. Our team will be happy to help you with that. You can send us a private message by clicking here. Please include your name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


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