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Dropped DSL connection


Dropped DSL connection

Our DSL connection drops when my husband and I are both on it. It doesn't do it only one of us is on. I am on a desktop and he's using a laptop. It's getting to the point we can't both be on at the same time. Any one know what could be causing this? Thanks.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Dropped DSL connection




     Welcome to the forum. I'll include a link for DSL troubleshooting and setting up a wireless network that will hopefully help you out.


DSL troubleshoot


Setting up a Wireless Network


I am wondering a few things about your set up.


Is your husband hard wired to router while you are on wireless with your laptop?


Will connection be lost on both units or will just one of you be knocked off, and who will be knocked off if just one of you?


Which modem and wireless routers are you using?





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Re: Dropped DSL connection

I suspect a computer's internet connection goes to sleep and DHCP then gives the other computer the same IP address and when the old one wakes up it finds it cannot get the old IP address back.

We solved it by giving our computers fixed IP addresses - your router may allow you to reserve addresses for certain devices. So if your router is or something you could give your computers and


Not sure that this is the problem - but it could be. I've had problems with iPhones going to sleep then waking up. Usually you can fix this by turning off networking on the affected device and turning it on again, but that's a pain.

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