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DSL Account Deleted In 2009 - Now Receiving Spam Emails To Old ATT Email


DSL Account Deleted In 2009 - Now Receiving Spam Emails To Old ATT Email

Before moving back to Australia in 2009 I used to live in CA. and my DSL was with AT&T and I cancelled the service in November 2009.  My email address used to be


Before I left CA I went into my AT&T email settings and set any emails that might 'trickle' through to the cancelled AT&T account to be forwarded to another of my email addresses on my own domain which worked fine - I had some emails forwarded for awhile and then nothing until the last few weeks (some 18 months later)


Recently I have been receiving a lot of spam emails at my own email address which were originally sent to my AT&T email address and were forwarded as per the email settings on that account.


I had thought that the AT&T email address would have been deleted by AT&T after a set amount of time following the cancellation of my DSL back in November 2009, but it does not look like that is true.


I attempted to log into the email for so that I could somehow prevent the spam emails getting through.  However, when I try to log in it brings back an error message that the password is incorrect.
I tried to reset the password even though I know I am using the correct one and it takes me to a UVerse site where it asks 2 security questions which I have either forgotten or never set up because I do not remember them.


I used the "Chat With AT&T" feature and the consultant informed me that my old account was now classified as an AT&T free email account since I have no actual accounts with AT&T.

I think that is slightly incorrect because I am able to log in to the AT&T account site as if the account was still active.


I also would like to know why after such a long time all these spam emails started to arrive?


Thanks in advance for any help with this matter.
Thank you for your assistance.

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Re: DSL Account Deleted In 2009 - Now Receiving Spam Emails To Old ATT Email

I managed to solve my problem.


I logged into the AT&T "My Account" page and then 'reset' my password - I used my current password as the new password and saved my changes.


I then went to the "Check Mail" link, and when I entered my email address and password I was logged in successfully.


I don't know why my password was not being accepted by yahoo before I did the re-set but everything works fine now.


What I also did while I was logged in to the My Account page was to change all the security questions to something I know I'll remember.


I still don't know why all that spam email suddenly started to be sent to my sbcglobal address.

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