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Cannot Reset Password on ATT.net email account


Cannot Reset Password on ATT.net email account

I have a really old att.net email account.

Set up many years ago when we were still using Dial-Up.

However it, still gets used weekly at minimum.


For some reason, now when I try to log in I get a message as if the User ID or Password is incorrect.


After 3 tries I get a message that my AT&T Access ID has a temporary protection lock.

To Unlock it, Reset Your Password.




When I try to reset my password.

The only option I get is to answer the security questions.

Which of course I do not remember the answers to.


I do not get the Mobile Phone Text or Alternate Email options for the temporary password because neither were probably ever set up on this email account.


So my questions are:

How can reset my password?


How or Who can I contact ATT to get it reset?



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‎02-04-2019 10:34 AM

Re: Cannot Reset Password on ATT.net email account

Hi @KWJ041063!

We'd love to help you with your email concern? Is the email still linked to any AT&T account? If yes, we suggest that you reset your password using myAT&T.

You can view this article to get details on How to Reset your Email Password using myAT&T.

Hope this helps!

Yetty, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Cannot Reset Password on ATT.net email account

If AT&T actually cared why are so many people having trouble? I want to log in so I can cancel this lousy service.

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Re: Cannot Reset Password on ATT.net email account

I also have an old account that I can't access.  I tried the suggested password reset interface and  I know the answer to my security questions.  BUT the process at My ATT does not conclude properly - endless progress indicator with no resolution!!!  Argh.  

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Re: Cannot Reset Password on ATT.net email account

So Yetty, what if none of the stuff in your post works? What department handles legacy email? How about a number to get some real help. No one at Uverse has a clue, all they do is look for an out and transfer you to another dead end and then another dead end and another. I've wasted hours and hours trying to re-access my email. ATT appears to really not care, I've seen you post this same canned answer on several threads. How about REALLY caring and finding a real solution to the problems caused by the oauth implementation that caused so many of us to loose access to our legacy accounts?

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Re: Cannot Reset Password on ATT.net email account

None of these solutions work.  I cannot log into anything.  I get the same "locked" statement mentioned above.  It asks for a last name on the account.  We are a church and nobody knows when the email address was established nor by whom.  I've tried every last name I can.  Then it asks for a zip code.  This does not change anything.  It suggests a "chat" option but I've searched the page find not "chat" option anywhere.  I click on the Help button and get the same links you mention or a troubleshooting page with all of the same generic answers.  The ATT website is useless for help.  Does anyone have a real solution.  I've tried 4 browsers, setting the account up on outlook, and also tried on my phone even though I do not use the account myself.  The secretary cannot do her work because she can't get to the information that people send her.  I've been unsuccessful at changing the password.


Any help would be appreciated but please don't point me to the same pages including the one above, the "infamous bellsouth email" page, and other general purpose pages.  Is there a way to actually reach ATT and not the forums or troubleshoot pages?

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Re: Cannot Reset Password on ATT.net email account

I'm the original poster that started this thread.  I was never able to get any help from ATT or get in contact with anyone.

The email account I was trying to fix was actually my elderly parents account.

They had never changed the password, it just stopped working one day.

I think it had to do with the ATT & Yahoo merger.

I'm the "computer guy" in the family so it was up to me to try and fix it.

Now here is the crazy part, after a few days of messing with it and getting no where...Smiley Mad

My mother had found the old paperwork from when they set up their original ATT DSL acct.  In that mess she found a scrap of paper that had the security questions and answers for the email acct.  With that information, I was able to successfully answer the security questions and gain access the account.  I have since tried to get my parents off of the ATT email and onto something else like gmail, but they don't like change, plus their ATT email address is what they have used for years for different sign-ups and contacts.  So I guess they are stuck with it...

Overall I think that ATT support/service is worthless and I'



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Re: Cannot Reset Password on ATT.net email account

I found this thread while searching for solutions to the FL001 error code. My email password stopped working a few days ago and similar to other posts, the "reset password" link didn't work. I called AT&T and finally found someone in a tech support group who was able to generate a new password for me over the phone. They stayed on the line while I logged in with the new password and I was able to access my email again.


I called from the phone that my AT&T account is associated with and had to provide my first/last name, email address, and zip code from when the account was created (15 years ago). The AT&T number I called was *****. This was supposed to be for the "AT&T Digital Assistance Center" but by the time I navigated the menu options to get a real person, I ended up at Uverse tech support. Either way, they were able to help me. If you try the phone number, say "agent" at every possible menu selection until you get connected to a person. Good luck.


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