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Can't log into sbcglobal.net email


Can't log into sbcglobal.net email

So ever since October 12th, I have unable to access my email via yahoo. Every time I try I get "invalid password", and when I try to do the password reset, I get "We can’t sign you in right now. Please try again in a while." So I tried resetting the password and from this site I keep getting that they don't have a secure way to recover my password. Honestly, with all the hassle this has been, I'd rather just delete/deactivate the account than try to get it back.  Is there an email support I can reach?

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‎02-15-2019 2:44 PM

Re: Can't log into sbcglobal.net email

Hey, @AtiredArtist.

If you have an AT&T account that that email is linked to, then changing the password for your AT&T User ID will also change the password for your email.

If this doesn't work, or isn't an option, your account may be inactive for one reason or another, and we recommend checking out this article for who to contact and what can be done.

John, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Can't log into sbcglobal.net email

My sbcglobal email account quit accepting logins two days ago.  I receive this error message:

Task 's*****@sbcglobal.net - Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC92) : 'Your email server rejected your login. Verify your user name and password for this account in Account Settings. The server responded: -ERR [SYS/TEMP] Server error - Please try again later.'

I changed my password (which, inconveniently,  also changes the password for all of my accounts!) and still no luck.  What is going on withy sbcglobal.net email accounts?  Is this some Yahoo foolishness?

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Re: Can't log into sbcglobal.net email

This happened to me today. I put in my username and the password that I have recorded, which my browser also has recorded. AT&T rejected the password. I went through the "forgot your password" routine, which involves AT&T sending a 6-digit "temporary password" via text message to my (non-AT&T) mobile phone. No text came. So I clicked on the "didn't receive a text" line. This continued for several minutes, and finally all 6 of the "temporary passwords" showed up at once! But then, AT&T had decided that I was a hacker, and locked up my account! I have to wait 24 hours to try again. In the meantime, I started a chat with an AT&T "technician" who proceeded to tell me that he couldn't help me unless I agreed to put a "Premium Technical Service Plan" on my account, which would lock me into AT&T for a year, and cost me $180 for the year. I refused. He said that AT&T couldn't help me if I didn't agree. I ended the chat. I'll wait for 24 hours, and if I can't access my email by then, my attorney husband and I will find a brick and mortar AT&T store. I'm ready to drop AT&T altogether, and I can, because my last "plan" has expired!

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ACE - Expert

Re: Can't log into sbcglobal.net email

The att store isn't going to be of any help.  They are sales, not technical support.  So try your procedure again when the account is unlocked.  You know you get the code sent but apparently after some delay so wait it out and only do it once.


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Re: Can't log into sbcglobal.net email

I've had the same problems above not being able to access my sbcglobal mail . After failing to change my mail password which has been the same as the dawn of time  my entire ATT password changed but no access to sbcglobal email. I want to thank ATT for messing up my Direct TV and main account password.. Over the years I've switched to Verizon for phone and cable for internet service when ATT was capping data.. Not wanting to pay for them to sort out an another ATT problem or speaking to inept  representtatives I'll switch to to another company for TV also.  DirecTV is not what it was and it's not worth the time or effort to save my sbcglobal  email. I'll just transport my contacts to Gmail...and finally be rid of ATT! 


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Re: Can't log into sbcglobal.net email

What do you do if you no longer have an ATT account?


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Re: Can't log into sbcglobal.net email

when trying to login to my scbglobal.net from chrome it keeps saying the ID and password doesn't match but doesn't allow me to reset by pushing the forgot password icon. The icon doesn't work. But I can login to my email from Explorer

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Re: Can't log into sbcglobal.net email

Same problem. When I try to log in it says invalid password and then it won't let me change my password. I spent 45 minutes on the phone to resolve the problem and nothing was resolved.  The assistant I talked to had a strong Pakistani or Indian accent and his ability to speak in English was very limited.  Why can't problems be resolved easier.  You would think that a brick and mortar store would have someone with the capability to remedy the situation. 

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Re: Can't log into sbcglobal.net email

I'm having this issue now.  I keep getting incorrect login info.  So I update password, and STILL...incorrect login info.  It was just not working on my desktop/laptop, but now it's not working on my phone either.  I'm so aggravated and can't seem to find anyone that understands my issue and can help me!

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