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Can't access my e-mail anymore


Can't access my e-mail anymore

I have an old e-mail ... used to be .... I currently have Uverse, but they said I couldn't transfer my email ID .... but they said I could continue using it ...and I have ...I've had the same e-mail for over 10 years.


I got an e-mail (!!! ... really? an E-MAIL!) from AT&T yesterday saying that my account had been compromised and my password had been suspended. How do I know this??? I couldn't sign on from any device and I finally bit the bullet and did a password reset ... and discovered the AT&T e-mail notice. Makes perfect sense for them to e-mail me saying my account was suspended ... NOT!


Anyway, I can now access my e-mail via webmail ... using my internet browser.


I have used Outlook for eons ... and can get my e-mail on my phone and iPod.


But, not anymore.


I have four sub-accounts and they are all still working fine on Outlook (three belong to family members that use Outlook and the fourth and an alternate for me and it's still working fine) It's just my "main" account that I can't access on Outlook or anything else .... not phone or iPod ...


The settings are exactly the same as the other accounts .... and I tried the "" settings (I'm using

"") ... nothing! .... and yes, I did update the password.


What in the world has happened?






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Re: Can't access my e-mail anymore

I figured it out!


When my password got reset ... so did the SSL and POP settings.


I signed into webmail, made sure the POP was selected under "POP and forwarding" and I also checked the "turn on SSL" .... since all of my account settigns were set to use SSL .... it needed to be ON.


So, for those who have tried and tried to get the OUtlook settings to work ...make sure these two things are set in webmail.

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Re: Can't access my e-mail anymore

This is not working for me.

Protocol: pop3
Security: SSL
In: / 995
out: / 465

Webmail works, but I need it to work on the smart phone
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Re: Can't access my e-mail anymore

After talking to a tech who changed all my OE settings which continued to work intermittently for half an hour, after reading posts here, & doing an online CHAT & given all new settings which again worked intermittently, after getting the same run around again, & finally being told to use web mail that AT&T doesn't support email clients, I continued to look for an answer. THIS IS IT!!! Neither the call to tech or the Chat person told me to change the online web mail SSL to ON............. And they get paid!! Thank you catskites!! I've been messing with this for over a week & have been very frustrated with AT&T. OE hasn't worked properly since AT&T moved to yahoo mail.
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Re: Can't access my e-mail anymore

I have the same problem... sub accounts work fine on both outlook and iphone. Main account has not worked since 8/23. Outlook settings are correct. Webmail settings are correct. Main account still does not work via outlook or iphone. I can only get to it via webmail. 


Any other ideas?

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Re: Can't access my e-mail anymore

I can't get my email it comes up as yahoo mail sign in my email is any advice

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ACE - Professor

Re: Can't access my e-mail anymore

At least until it\s impending sale, yahoo provides att's e-mail service.


Hopefully, if you try using , it will work for you.

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Re: Can't access my e-mail anymore

my password for e mail stop working

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All my email history prior to Dec 16th has disappeared. That is about 33K e-mails!

I looked at my e-mail yesterday an during the day all history of all emails from the past years have just disappeared. This is my personal account where I am really bad about deleting emails so I'm talking over 30K of emails! Recently I have been trying to change my password as I keep getting thousands of sent spam in my junk folder stating the emails didn't get sent but it would go back to my original password.

Yesterday I also had a major instagram hack as well. 

What should I do?


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I have as my e-mail provider, however when I go to sign on AT&T will not recognize my

I have as my e-mail address, however when I sign on with Windows 10

it directs me to AT&T and they do not recognize my bellsouth e-mai laddress. Any ideas?



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Re: I have as my e-mail provider, however when I go to sign on AT&T will not recog

AT&T is so innovative...sometimes....yet since it abandoned attmail, can't come up with its own email interface. Sad.

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