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Can not access recent email on webmail


Can not access recent email on webmail

When I log on to the yahoo webmail, it does not list any emails from before 3/9 (today being 3/24.) I do use Outlook at home, but it's not set to delete anything, and runs daily anyhow, so I'd have even less if it was. Everything I've found says that yahoo/att doesn't have age/space limits on the email, so I don't know where it would have gone to. It does not appear to be still attempting to load more emails. Any ideas or similar problems?


Also, anyone know of a way to email support for this? I tried finding it on the website, but it just gives you the usual runaround. I have a phone through att, but not internet anymore.





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Re: Can not access recent email on webmail

Hi Mike, 


It's possible that when you view these emails in Outlook, they are being deleted from the server. 


You can change this option in Outlook by going to Account Settings, double clicking on the email account, clicking "more settings" and looking on the Advanced tab. Place a check mark in the box for "leave messages on server" 


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Re: Can not access recent email on webmail

*sigh* Unfortunately, that was correct. Although I did have "Leave copy of messages on server" checked, I also had checked "Delete from server after 14 days." The setup seems kind of contradictary, and it wasn't always like that... must have been messed up at some point.


Thanks for the help!



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