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Bring Back Old Att Home Page & Editor (Content-Theme-Layout)


Bring Back Old Att Home Page & Editor (Content-Theme-Layout)

I joined this Forum for the express purpose of making comments and suggestions on the new Yahoo Home Page and Editor.  Coments and Suggestions are in random order as they come to mind and I make them.


1.  Att (all domains) created, installed and managed the Att Home Page as the customers gateway to

the web. Att designed, installed, set up and ran a fine Home Page Editor (Content-Theme-Gateway).

Use of classic feature was optional.  The customer could design all the features of his or her home page, which were; Page header (text, link and logo colors), Navigation tabs (text, link and tab colors),

and Page body ( background color or image)  It was free to use or not and cost nothing.


2. Many Att customers are very loyal to Att as our ISP of choice and use one domain or the other, but

we go our own ways when choosing browsers ands search engines, I, myself use Firefox 29.01 and

alternate search engines.


3.  Remember? For those who do not, go to this web site,  refresh your recollection and see what Yahoo took away from you. Yahoo kept this feature awhile, then got rid of it last month. I suspect they forgot to take down the above link when they redesigned the HomePage and mini- mized service to the Att customer base.


3.  Thereafter most customers went their own way and used the web Browser of their own choosing.

I, myself, made my ISP of choice and used and still use Firefox (29.01) as my web browser of 

choice.I myself use Firefox and alternate search engines.


3.  To regress, Att partnered with Yahoo, who linked itsd own searchengine with Att (My Yahoo) and began making the Att website over in its own image and likeness, by its own means and toi its own

ends. Att let Yahoo do all this and is continuing to do so.


4.  Att ceded the management and all control over the Att website to Yahoo, apparently relinquishing website home page design, architecture and operation to Yahoo. The example of this is now is the new Hompage and E mail  The Att classi Home Page and Netmail is gone, to be replaced by the Yahoo

version of what should be. 


5.  I remember when Att gave iis customers a choice about the Home Page and E Mail.  Yahoo did

not even ask us beforehand what we wanted and no options about them after the fact. Yahoo seems 

not to care at all.  Have you tried to contact Yahoo Help?  Have you gotten a reply?  Have it made a



6.  Now,  my suggestion.  Att still retains a modicum of concern for the customer base. Att U Verse

technical support can help you install and work with Yahoo's new features, although no so well as

when they ran their own website. The website offers some fine plugins or  applications,for

customers, e.g. Touble Shootinf and Diagnostice Tool and Att Navigation Bar.  I suggest Att bring

back the classic Home Page (Content-Themes-Layout) as an application, to be down-loaded and

installed.   What about this idea?


Lets hear some comments from the Att Community.


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Re: Bring Back Old Att Home Page & Editor (Content-Theme-Layout)

I hate the new home page and would like to see them return it to the way it was. Is there any way to stop the stories listed to stop automatically scrolling down? I especially hate this part of it.

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Re: Bring Back Old Att Home Page & Editor (Content-Theme-Layout)

I agree. I'm going to take ATT email and Yahoo out of my universe if we have to remain in this format. I can't see my emails and am afraid sensitive material is going to the wrong person. I have typed long messages and sent them and they just disappear. I don't have time to take a course in email usage right now. Did they think of the non-tech older people who worked hard to learn the old way? Please at least give us an option to stay with the old way. I am so frustrated!

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Re: Bring Back Old Att Home Page & Editor (Content-Theme-Layout)

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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