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Best Way to Minimize Spam?


Best Way to Minimize Spam?

I have used ATT/Yahoo mail for many years and have just recently started getting 20-30 spam emails a day, which go to the web email client & of course, get forwarded to my cell phone.  Previously, these would go into the spam folder.  I'm not sure what ATT/Yahoo is doing diffrently, but it's a big hassle needless to say.


There does not appear to be any spam guard app any longer on the emai client, nor any apparent way to alter settings for spam detection (ie, weak, strong, etc...).   Can anyone share what they consdider to be the best way to minimize spam with ATT/Yahoo mail.   Thanks for any help!

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Best Way to Minimize Spam?



I never had a lot of spam, so I cannot say by experience. You can try setting up filters to push emails with keywords straight to your trash folder. You can also use the disposable address feature of your email and use those from now on and just trash them if they get too cluttered.


To prevent spam in the future, make sure you are cautious with the sites you provide your email to.



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Re: Best Way to Minimize Spam?

Thanks for your reply.   My email account with ATT/Yahoo is one I've had for over 15 years, and I've never experienced the problem I'm experiencing with Spam, until recently.  As it is my sole pesonal email address, I am very careful who I use it with.  


Funny enough, or not, my "throwaway email address" (one that I don't care much about)  that I use with Hotmail receives virtually no spam.  I guess Microsoft Hotmail has a better system than ATT/Yahoo.  


Anyway, I spent a fair amount of time setting up some manual filters, and I've pretty much eliminated my spam overnight.   Thanks.




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Re: Best Way to Minimize Spam?

Once a Yahoo account is busted by the spammers, filters may work for a while; but the spammers will be back.


The best remedy is pre-emptive.  When you set up your att isp service and your new att.net Yahoo webmail account, use a scrambled username like t9Wx?Rhq@att.net and then don't use the email for anything!  (The scrambled username will foil brute force dictionary attempts to guess the username.)


The att.net webmail account is apparently necessary to have att's isp service.  There is no option to waive an att email account and no option to change the username.  


At least one blogger tried to change his att.net username by shutting down his att isp service temporarily and then  reinstating it later with a new att.net webmail address.


Att gave him the same address again!  The spam just kept coming in!  


And fighting one's way through att's automated phone service to change it will  get you 4 or 5 different people asking you questions you've already answered as they pass you from one rep to another, with no remedy in sight.  


I know, because I tried it.


By the way, I can't seem to find an "in:spam" solution of the sort that can be used in GMail. Creating a filter in GMail called in:spam keeps all spam mail out of the inbox by sending it to the trash folder.  You might try that with att.net Yahoo.

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Re: Best Way to Minimize Spam?

How and where did you go to set up the filters to stop all the unwanted Email's? I have started to get so many une=wanted emails in the past few months and have never had this problem before. I am just about to close out my yahoo account if it keeps up.


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How do I get SPAM to go to inbox marked BULK (with POP)

How do I get SPAM to go to my inbox marked BULK?  I'm using a POP server and up to today the SPAM was going to my inbox. There are a few "solutions" online but they require clicking on options that have disappeared.  Note that the account involved is a sub account.

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Re: How do I get SPAM to go to inbox marked BULK (with POP)

I'm having the same problem, also on a sub-account.  SpamGuard was holding too many false positives, so I configured POP access to download spam with the subject line tagged with [Bulk].  ATT or Yahoo changed something on or about January 11 that eliminated this capability.  Now everything SpamGuard catches is held at ATT.  I would like the capability back.

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