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Re: Att.net email login


Att.net email login

When Att disassociated itself from Yahoo earlier this year I was led to believe that I would gain access to my att.net emails through my "start.att.net" browser home page.  Recently I logged in to my home page and when I clicked to access my email I was sent to a Yahoo login page.  Was this a change that I wasn't notified about? or what?
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Re: Att.net email login

Has anyone heard of this or is it a scam

Yes, there's a whole bunch of threads on this phishing email.  Asking for personal info like a password is a tipoff.  Don't click anything and just trash it.


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Re: Att.net email login

Since un-merging from Yahoo, I've been able to access my email ending in att.net thru my att.net homepage, until a few weeks ago. Now I keep getting a Yahoo page where I have to login. I don't want to create a new login and password for Yahoo just to get my att.net emails. Did something change in March of 2018 to cause this?  Also....since I can't get my emails, all email notifications will be unread...I will check-in periodically to see any responses. 

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‎04-30-2018 8:05 AM

Re: Att.net email login

Hi all,


Our teams are aware of the rerouting issue and I myself, have experienced it when logging into my .net account. You can still log into your email, just make sure you are entering it in it's entirety. 


I am sorry for the experience but I can assure you it is being addressed. I will update everyone on this thread once it's resolved. 


I am marking this as an accepted solution so that new and current community members know we are working on it. 


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

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Re: Att.net email login

Hello All,

I am having trouble logging into my Att.net email. I always logged onto it on my phone in a separate app. Now I dont know the password and trying to reset it and its not working. It said to create a yahoo password i did but need to use my att.net email and I cant get into it and need it for work. If someone can tell me how to reset my password and what site to use. This has been going on for 5 months

Please help Jennifer 

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Re: Att.net email login

I have the exact same issue I called 611 and was told she logged into both att.net and yahoo.com with my username and my Tablet the ATT9020A Trek kept saying yahoo not available try later I didn't know they sperated but knew something was wrong so I finely had it! I changed it to Yahoo.com, I had a whole different screen name in 2012 and I did have Yahoo DSL. I didn't have att.net till 2015 so how come I just got into Yahoo on the Laptop and had over 10,000 email's with Yahoo going to 2015 when it say's you stopped supporting Merged email's in 2011! as soon as I get a wifi only tablet I will be getting a cheaper flip phone plan and since my Devices don't support ATT I'm done, I have Goverment WiFi so I don't neet to spend 67.00 on 4G that won't connect long. And I'm due for a upgrade and your suggesting a Smartphone? never! I have 2G with unlimited roll over and I use 3G in a few day's and it's slow ATT isn't IL, Bell my Grandmother and Aunt would be sick at what it's become. So your not right I have double email's but since I got rid of ATT I could care less it's a shell

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Re: Att.net email login

I have to have access to my att.net email i have everything there

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Re: Att.net email login

I still need accesss how


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Re: Att.net email login

We shouldn't have to jump though hoops to get a email that you could get pressing on the ATT email icon especially when it was preloaded! and last week I uninstalled it and it wasn't even in the playstore! week later it was back so just download the yahoo email everyone should have doubles, I did going back to 2013 over 10,000 emails and I didn't have yahoo

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Re: Att.net email login

Jennifer I wouldn't bother with the att.net icon! my ATT Tablet had it also and it keep showing the purple yahoo isn't available try later and after talking to att,611 and she said she could get in using my screen name either with ending in att.net or Yahoo.com funny how I'm writing this att.net get's underlined in red but yahoo.com doesn't kida show's who owns what! I would download the yahoo email app and you will get a code to change your password, this is why Iv'e been so upset Yahoo has never been secure to me! in 2012 it would say Log in to change your password,WOW if I can loggin I wouldn't need to change it. So try that and use my gmail because I won't be using att forever 

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Re: Att.net email login

I still cant get logged in how did u do it. I need it for work
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Re: Att.net email login

Jennifer I know your upset since your att email is not working try what I said download the Yahoo mail in the google playstore use the same log in name like if you use ( BlueLady5) @ att.net use BlueLady5 @yahoo.com you can see your att mail it should all be there! you will have to change any ATT password they will send you like a 7 diget # after you put that in then do a password, I have one more show I recorded so I should be up 1 hour this site stopped me from putting in my gmail which is B,S it's like ebay they wont let you leave your email for question's in case you should buy outside of ebay good luck oh after you get in uninstall the ATT Email app

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Re: Att.net email login

I have sbcglobal.net and get those same emails from the UK. And since 4-18-18 have been unable to access my email and none of the SIX tech people at att have been able to help me. I try to log in and get caught in a endless loop between att and yahoo

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Re: Att.net email login

I continually have this trouble, too.  Once in awhile, I can access att.net but the link there sends me to yahoo instead.  Can you guys please get this fixed, or go back to all of the emails being in the same place?  I have not been able to access my att.net email for weeks! 




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Re: Att.net email login

To AT&T customer care : 


I still cannot send emails from my att.net mail account from my iPhone or home MAC PC.  The outgoing server "att.net" is still not recognized and the old smtp2go.com workaround doesn't work.  In addition, I cannot set up AT&T as an "Other" type email account either. 




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Re: Att.net email login

I have not been able to send emails from my Apple iPhone or MAC PCs using my "att.net" email account for months. 


Apple devices are cannot access the SERVER named "att.net". New email accounts can not be setup as either YAHOO or OTHER as their network templates.  


I have read that there's a known issue -- reported as early as March 2018 -- yet the problem remains. 



I see no published solutions. An acknowledgement of the problem is not a solution.  What's the Status and / or ETA for a solution? 

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